You ready for No.14???

 I hope you are enjoying these compilations as much (MORE!) as I do making them:

1. Giacomo (Jaime) Aragall          Adriana aria, act one

2. Daniele Barioni rings the Turandot Gong.(What breath control!)

3. Callas/Barbieri        Gioconda duet  (They burn up the place!)

4. Gilda Dalla Rizza      "Addio del passato"

5. Leyla Gencer    "D'amor sull'ali rosee".  (Note: A friend had a fight over this aria with someone whose house he visited. He got so mad that the host liked Callas better, he said, "Get out!" My friend said, "But I LIVE here!" The Gencer nutcase then said, "So what..GET OUT!!") Do you now see how normal Charlie is???

6. Mario del Monaco   "Ah la paterna mano"  (Macbeth)

7. Mirella Freni             "Tu che di gel." (Turandot)

8. Nicolai Gedda/Renato Bruson/Christine Eda-Pierre   Pearl Fishers Trio  (They sometimes do another version, but this version is incredible!!!)

9.Gertrude Grob-Prandl   "Hojotoho"

10.Kirsten/Merrill           Thais Finale (One of the most glorious recordings ever made)

11.Rene Kollo                    Tannhauser Rome Narrative

12.Raina Kabaiwanska      "La Mamma Morta" (Chenier)

13.Pavel Lisitsian               Prologo (In Russian)   A voice of pure gold!

14.Magda Olivero                Mefistofele aria (breaks your heart.)

15.Aprile Millo                       "Danny Boy"

16.Michele Molese's legendary telling  critic Harold Schoenberg, who had written about his "pinched high C" in Ballo, that the note was for him. Galvany almost flipped out!

17.Julius Patzak                   Seraglio aria

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