Salome Met 1955

 Highlights from a great 1955 Salome under Dimitri Mitropolous. It features:

Christel Goltz, Ramon Vinay,Blanche Thebom, Paul Schoeffler, and Brian Sullivan,     (69 min.of excitement)

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Mattia Battistini

The famous exponent of Bel Canto, Mattia Battistini (1856-1928), who even sang at 70. He was quite an amazing singer, but sadly ocean voyages scared him, so we never had him in New York.(He said, "The channel was enough!")


He sings material from Don Giovanni, Ernani (w.Emilia Corsi),Damnation of Faust,Hamlet,Ballo,Traviata, Martha, Favorita,Zampa, Don Sebastiano, and Cocchi's "Per la patria."

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 Tribute to Herman Uhde

The baritone Herman Uhde was one of our finest artists.Sadly he passed away at 51 but he does leave us a legacy of his live appearances:

You will hear scenes from Das Rheingold, Julius Caesar, Don Carlo, Fidelio, Parsifal, Arabella (w.Lisa della Casa), Gotterdamerung, Elektra (w.Chrystal Goltz), and Wozzeck (in photo) w.Eleanor Steber) (64 min.)

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Irina Arkhipova,Rest in Peace

 We remember the great Russian mezzo, Irina Arkhipova, who just passed away at 85. She sings scenes from Boris, Pique Dame, Mazeppa, and a Monologue from Arensky's "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai. (70 min.)

                            All music inspired by Alexander Pushkin

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Callas Dallas Medea 1958

 Medea exc.from 1958 Dallas under Nicola Rescigno.

Maria Callas, Jon Vickers, Teresa Berganza,Elizabeth Carron, Nicola Zaccaria

  You want FIRE???????????????? Here it is!!!!!!!    (70 min.)

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 Lucrezia Borgia 1973 Dallas

A superb Lucrezia Borgia under Nicola Rescigno from Dallas, 1973.

Featured are: Leyla Gencer, Tatiana Troyanos, Jose Carreras, and Matteo Manuguerra.   (68 minutes)

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Charles Kullman

Songs and arias as sung by the magnificent tenor, Charles Kullman (1903-1983). Kullman should be heralded as one of the finest tenors in opera history.   (54 min.)

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 The Land of Smiles

The tragedy of the  early death of the marvelous Fritz Wunderlich will always haunt us, but at least he left a legacy of superb recordings. Here is an abridged WDR Radio)performanc e under Franz Marszalek( 71 min.)

Fritz Wunderlich as Sou-Chong
Antonia Fahberg as Lisa
Ernst Stankovski as Graf Gustl
Luise Camer/Gerlinde Locker as Mi

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Aida  Naples1955 pt2

Part Two of that glorious 1955 Aida. (ooops, I put my brief narration at the end in error.)

Stella, Corelli, Barbieri, Colzani, Petri  (Gui )

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Aida  from Naples 1955 pt.1

Part one of a fabulous Aida from Naples 1955 under Vittorio Gui.


Featured are Antonietta Stella, Franco Corelli, Fedora Barbieri, Anselmo Colzani, and Mario Petri   (48 blazing minutes)

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A Fabulous Andrea Chenier

   This magnificent 1957 Andrea Chenier will thrill you as much as it did me when I saw it live. Zinka Milanov, Richard Tucker, and Leonard Warren are the leads, with Frank Valentino, Fernando Corena, and Rosalind Elias under Fausto Cleva.

     I await your comments on this great performance. (69 min.)



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Berlioz Historical

   A collection of material as composed by Hector Berlioz. Featured are:

Edmont Clement, Richard Mayr, Jean Planel, Berthe Auguez de Montalant, Pol Plancon, Emilio de Gogorza, Maurice Renaud, Giovanni Zenatello, Giuseppe Malipiero, Georges Thill, and Germaine Martinelli.                (60 min.)

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Highlights from Aroldo/Stiffelio of Giuseppe Verdi. Here I compare Lina's act two aria in both versions.

  In Stiffelio I present  Rosalind Plowright, Angeles Gulin, and Dimitra Theodossiou.

  In Aroldo we hear Montserrat Caballe, Carol Vaness, Lucia Aliberti, and Maria Callas

                                                (72 min.)

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 The Verdi Requiem

Highlights from several performances of the Verdi Requiem. Featured are:


Zinka Milanov, Leontyne Price, Gundula Janowitz, Richard Tucker,Marcello Giordani, Nan Merriman, Dolora Zajick, Fiorenza Cossotto, Giorgio Tozzi,Rene Pape, and Nicolai Ghiaurov.   (74 min.),

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