O Mio Fernando

 A comparison of various versions (French and English) of the "O Mio Fernando" aria from Donizetti's "La Favorita." Included are:

Giulietta Simionato, Ebe Stignani, Fedora Barbieri, Regina Resnik,
Shirley Verrett, Ketty Lapeyerette, Fiorenza Cossotto, Gloria Scalchi, Vesselina Kasarova, and Rise Stevens.
               So, who is your "favorita?"               (68 min.)


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The Live Opera Hit Parade, Part One

    An exciting podcast that features some of the most exciting live scenes and arias in my collection. You may have heard some of them on previous podcasts, but to have them all together might be a special treat, excellent for parties,etc.
    I do contend that this fearless brand of vocalism is  mostly absent these days from the opera scene.This does not mean I do not treasure many of our present-day artists, but I still say that most of you would require a supply of oxygen upon hearing this kind of singing.
     Want a part two???  Let me know!!!!
                              My best   Charlie
                                        (73 min.)

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Great Singers of the Past Sing Xmas Music

 A podcast that features 15 famous artists of the past singing music appropriate for the holidays. Included are:

Rosa Ponselle,Giovanni Martinelli, Enrico Caruso, Sigrid Onegin, Ernstine Schumann-Heink, Beniamino Gigli, Lotte Lehmann, Emmy Destinn, Lawrence Tibbett, John Charles Thomas, John McCormack, Alma Gluck, Elizabeth Schumann, Richard Crooks, and Claudia Muzio

                                      (59 min.)

Direct download: 2008-12-21-13-43-35.mp3
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Puccini at 150!!!!!

     The remarkable Giacomo Puccini was born on Dec.22, 1858. At
this time we celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth. Can we think of any other composer who has consistenly "tugged at our heartstrings" with the glorious music he composed?
       Featured are excerpts, live and commercial, from each of his operas,plus some symphonic material. I know you wil join me in celebrating the birth of this true genius!

                                   (68 min.)

Direct download: 2008-12-21-01-04-19.mp3
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Rene Pape, My Favorite Singer of Today

My most affectionate tribute to Rene Pape, my favorite singer of today.
He has brought so much joy to the opera world by virtue of his magnificent voice and his brilliant musicianship. The selections are from:

Romeo et Juliette, Fidelio, Zauberflote, Die Meistersinger,
Lohengrin, The Demon (Rubenstein), Das Rheingold, and
Tristan und Isolde. (Who goes to a Tristan for a King Marke???)
                                      (50 min.)

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Brunnhilde and Sieglinde

A comparison of several versions of the Walkure Act 3 scene between Brunnhilde and Sieglinde. Included are many famous voices, and of special interest, one can sample Nilsson,Moedl,Flagstad, and Varnay in both roles. Other artists included are:

Leonie Rysanek,Hilde Konetzni, Rita Hunter, Lotte Lehmann,
Regina Resnik, Marjorie Lawrence, Helen Traubel, Regine Crespin,
Margaret Curphey.

                                 (72 min.)

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The Magnificent Regina Resnik (Vol.2)

    A podcast that features the soprano/mezzo career of the great Regina Resnik, one of the  music world's legendary personalities, not only owing to her successes in two vocal fachs (soprano and mezzo), but who has achieved international recognition as producer, director, filmmaker, teacher and coach. In addition, her brilliant master classes have inspired so many young artists in the opera world in their careers. 

                     The selections are from:
Ernani, Queen of Sheba, Cavalleria, Fidelio    (soprano repertory) Carmen, Walkure, Falstaff, Le Cid, Pique Dame, Boris Godunov,
The Medium, Ballo in Maschera, and a hilarious "Chacun a Bing's Gout"
at the Farewell Gala for Rudolf Bing.

                               (72 min.)

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Amfortas and Gurnemanz

I have more recently come to love the opera Parsifal, especially the roles of Amfortas and Gurnemanz. The depth of emotion and the spirituality of their music are so touching and I am presenting both the Amfortas act one monologue and part of the act three Good Friday scene:

Amfortas:  Paul Schoeffler, George London,Thomas Stewart, Thomas Quasthoff.

Gurnemanz and Parsifal:    Hans Hotter/Jon Vickers,
  Franz-Josef Selig/Placido Domingo, Franz Crass/Sandor Konya
  Ludwig Weber/Wolfgang Windgassen, Alexander Kipnis/Rene Maison.

                                   (74 min.)

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The Exciting Faust Church Scene

   You will hear some tremendously exciting singing in this comparison podcast of various Church Scenes from Gounod's Faust. Included are the following singers:

Erie Mills/Kristin Sigmundsson
Licia Albanese/Ezio Pinza
George Hann/Margarete Teschemacher
Italo Tajo/Dorothy Kirsten
Bryn Terfel/Angela Gheorghiu
Samuel Ramey/Diana Soviero
Cesare Siepi/Victoria de los Angeles
Jerome Hines/Hilde Gueden
Nicolai Ghiaurov/Mirella Freni
                                 Have fun!!!!!   (71 min.)

Direct download: 2008-12-08-16-42-44.mp3
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My Catalogues!!!

    Hi all,
         I may have mentioned my huge opera cassette/cd/dvd/vhs catalogues previously, but just a reminder that if you wish to peruse my material, over 10,000 items, please feel free to E-mail me at
Placido21@aol.com. Please provide full name and mailing address.
           I do not send the cassette catalogue unless you specifically request it, because it is enormous, and the postage costs are quite high;however, if you want it ALL, do not hesitate to request the whole collection.
             In this way, you will better understand why there is no room in my house for even ME!

                                   My best   Charlie

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Lucia Aliberti

Soprano Lucia Aliberti in scenes from Beatrice di Tenda, La Traviata,
Aroldo, and Il Pirata.
   I hope they are to your liking.   My best   Charlie

                              (63 min.)

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Meta Seinemeyer  (redone)

  With new material, here is the promised podcast of the marvelous
  Meta Seinemeyer, who left us tragically at only age 33. I am sure you
will enjoy it. The four cd album on the Preiser label is still available from Amazon,at a greatly reduced price of $40.00,if you wish to sample even more of her art.

                                  My best   Charlie

                                         (73 min.)


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French Tenors-2

The second podcast that features some superb tenors of the French school. They are as follows, in order of the podcast:

Emile Marcellin, David Devries, Agustarello Affre, Jose De Trevi,
Jean Anzani, Paul Goffin, Guy Cazavena, Cesar Vezzani,
Jose Luccioni, Raoul Girard, Gaston Micheletti, Rene Verdierre,
Louis Delaguerriere,Eugene De Creuse, Maurice Capitaine,
Edmond Rambaud, Josef Rogatchewsky, Miguel Villabella (in photo),
and Georges Thill.

                     I sincerely hope you enjoy these wonderful artists!

                                  (73 min.)

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Congratulations to Placido Domingo!

  A tribute to the remarkable Placido Domingo on the occasion of his 40th anniversary at the Met, as well as recognition for a career that has emerged as one of the greatest in music history.

Selections are from:   Cavalleria Rusticana, Rienzi, Lohengrin,
   Elijah, Samson et Delilah,Adriana Lecouvreur, Andrea Chenier,
   Manon, Carmen (w.Resnik), Iris, Otello, Luisa Fernanda, El Trust ,     and a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

       Our most sincere congratulations to Mr.Domingo for all he has
        achieved in the music world.


Direct download: 2008-11-14-11-41-58.mp3
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Piotr Beczala, a magnificent tenor,in highlights from his latest album.

     I sincerely hope you enjoy the voice and artistry of the superb Piotr Beczala, one of our very great singers. Here are some excerpts from his new album "Salut" plus the Land of Smiles aria from the complete recording.
       Inspired by the great Fritz Wunderlich, Mr.Beczala surely is a
"logical successor" to the man, and there are some similarities. The tone is so lush and his musicianship is impeccable. I also realize that there have been other"smart tenors" like Gedda,Bergonzi,Kraus, Tucker, and Gigli who had long illustrious careers because they had the good sense to
carefully choose proper repertory, and therefore I am not worried that Mr.Beczala will be essaying Otello or Tristan!!!!!

                     I know you will enjoy this album as much as I did. If you have any comments, please forward them to me and I will forward them to Mr.Beczala.                         My best   Charlie


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I Due Foscari

Highlights from various performances of Verdi's "I Due Foscari"(1844).
Featured are some of the fine singers who appeared in this work:

Renato Bruson, Gian-Giacomo Guelfi, Carlo Bergonzi, Mirto Picchi, Leyla Gencer, Margarita Castro-Alberty, and Linda Vajna. (71 min.)


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Twenty "Rarer" Tenors

Twenty Tenors who may not be as well-known as others, but who nevertheless sang beautifully and had major careers, mostly in the earlier part of the 20th century:       Contents as follows:

1.Silvano Isalberti  "Stelle d'oro" (Denza)
2.Carlo Dani   "Le Reve"  (Manon)
3.Giulio Crimi  "O mio picciolo tavolo" (Zaza)
4.Carlos Mejia  "Ecco ridente"   (Barbiere)
5.Wilhelm Herold   Fra Diavolo Aria  (Auber)
6.Bjorn Talen    Barber of Bagdad aria  (Cornelius)
7.Carl Martin Oehmann  "Prize Song" (Meistersinger)

 8.Karl Jorn     "Ah quel plaisir"  (La Dame Blanche)
 9.Karel Burlan (in photo)  "My colleague Caruso" (Burlan)
10.Stanislaw Gruszczynski  "Eternamente"  (Mascheroni)
11.Petra Raitscheff     "E canto il grillo"
12.Ignacy Dygas    Aria from "Haunting Manor"     
13 Giuseppe Krismer   Damnation of Faust Aria (Berlioz) 
14.Tadeusz Liliwa       Aria from "Halka" (Moniusko)
15.Andrei Markovitch Labinski    Dubrovsky Song
16.David Juzhin     Le Prophete aria  (Meyerbeer)
17.Alexander Bogdanovich   "Love is a delightful dream (Bleichman)
18.Alexander Davydov         "Leave me"  (Davydov)
19.Modest Menzinsky          "Barcarolle"
20.Ivan Erschov          Tannhauser Act One Aria  (Wagner)

  (If you can spell every name without looking, I will give you a gift of
     all my Sarah Brightman CD's.)


.                                   (74 min.)

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Reminder of my Videos on Google



Just to remind some new members of my videos on Google (Handelmania)

My best  Charlie

Category:general -- posted at: 12:35am EDT

Charlie has returned with "Si pel ciel."


          I am happy to be back with you after some problems with the new computer,and I promise to make it up to you. I think you will enjoy these 17 versions of the Otello act two final scene featuring some of the great artists who sang Otello and Iago.

                   I sincerely thank you for your patience.

                             ( 62 min.)

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Queens of the Night!

A compilation of 12 sopranos singing the famous Queen of the Night aria from Mozart's "Die Zauberflote." In order, they are as follows:

Lea Piltti, Gitta Alpar, Lucia Popp, Rita Shane, Cynthia Sieden, Aline Kutan, Roberta Peters, Sumi Jo, Erika Koeth, Wilma Lipp, Natalie Dessay, and (an oddity), Maria Galvany.

                                    (45 min.)

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Opera Choruses

  Compilation of choruses from 16 operas as follows:

Nabucco(in photo), I Lombardi, Macbeth (2 versions),
Iris, Mefistofele, War and Peace, Boris Godunov, Prince Igor,
Parsifal, Gotterdamerung, Meistersinger, Fidelio, Les Troyens,
Romeo et Juliette, and Peter Grimes.

                            (74 min.)

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Callas and Di Stefano-1974

   Nostalgia Supreme!   Highlights from the 1974 Callas/Di Stefano tour. The wear and tear on the voices is quite evident, but it is a final memory of the collaboration of two of the world's greatest singers.

                                       (66 minutes)

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The Florence 1954 Fanciulla del West

Highlights from a blazing hot performance of Puccini"s "La Fanciulla del West," from Florence, 1954, conducted by Dimitri Mitropolous and starring Eleanor Steber, Mario del Monaco, and Giangiacomo Guelfi.

                                  (67 min.)

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Italian Opera in German

Some of the greatest artists in opera sang Italian opera in German. Although the vocal line does change somewhat, one must make the "sacrifice," since these are marvelous artists, and deserve to be heard.
The artists heard are as follows:

Maria Cebotari(in photo), Gertrude Runger, Viorica Ursuleac, Gertrude Bindernagel, Maria Reining, Martha Moedl, Emmy Leisner, Karen Branzell, Elizabeth Schumann-Heink, Herman Uhde, Alexander Kipnis, Julius Patzak, Lauritz Melchior, Michael Bohnen, Joseph Schwartz,
and Willy Domgraf-Fassbaender.     (72 min.)


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German Tenors-1

20 selections that feature some of the wonderful tenors of German extraction. Included are:

Marcel Wittrisch,(in photo), Richard Tauber,Herbert Ernst Groh,Franz Voelker.
        (These tenors are featured in several selections each.)

  In addition, I added one selection as sung by Peter Anders, Rudolf Lustig, and Rudolf Schock.

               (73 min.)

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The Amazing Rosa Ponselle

  A tribute to the phenomenal Rosa Ponselle, one of the greatest singers in opera history. Included are some commercial selections, but mostly live selections from 1951-1954. Enjoy!!!! 

(73 min.)

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A Fabulous Forza del Destino

 Scenes from one of the greatest performances of La Forza del Destino (1952) with a stellar cast including Zinka Milanov,Richard Tucker, Leonard Warren, and Jerome Hines. I know you will be thrilled by these great artists, as I was so many times in my misspent youth

                                 (73 minutes)

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Otello:Dio ti giocondi.

  One of the most exciting scenes in opera is the opening of act
  three of Otello, featuring the confrontation between Otello and
   Desdemona. This podcast presents nine performances of the
    scene, all from live performances. The couples are:

M.Price/Domingo             DeLos Angeles/Del Monaco
Albanese/Vinay                 Milanov/McCracken
Rethberg/Martinelli            Millo/Atlantov
Tebaldi/Vickers                 Crespin/Del Monaco

                             (74 minutes)

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The Great Lotte Lehmann

Commercial and live recordings featuring the very great soprano,Lotte Lehmann (1885-1976). I have always felt that if I had to choose one soprano of the past to have heard (in my time machine), it would be this amazing lady.
                        I hope you enjoy the selections.    

                                       (72 minutes)   

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The Great Danish Tenor,Helge Roswaenge

Many selections from opera and operetta featuring the great Danish tenor, Helge Roswaenge (1897-1972). I know you will enjoy this podcast and will realize what a fabulous career this man had.

                              (72 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-07-09-12-43-37.mp3
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Virginia Zeani, a truly great soprano.

   I have come to the conclusion that Roumanian-born Virginia Zeani has emerged, in my opinion, as one of the greatest divas in opera history. I hope you enjoy the selections on this podcast. The works represented are:

Forza del Destino,Maria di Rohan, I Puritani, Tosca,
La Boheme, Turandot, La Traviata, La Rondine,
The Consul, Elisir D'Amore, Vespri Siciliani,Mefistofele,
and The Merry Widow.
       I sincerely hope you will enjoy listening to one of the
great artists in opera history, and a very dear friend as well.

                            (72 minutes)  


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Analysis of the Wagner Ring

     Highlights from two analyses of the great Wagner Ring of the  Nibelung.The first is by Speight Jenkins, using scenes from the 1953 Bayreuth Ring, and the second is by Deryck Cook, with material taken from the London Ring Set under Solti.

     Finally, the legendary Ring Analysis as performed by the hilarious Anna Russell. ("She's not making this up, you know!"

                                 (68 min.)

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Wagnerian Baritones-1

A compilation of 13 baritones who sang Wagner, among other material.
The baritones represented sing arias from Tannhauser,Lohengrin,
 Meistersinger,Walkure, Siegfried, Gotterdamerung, Flying Dutchman,
 and Parsifal. Artists included are:

George London, Bryn Terfel, Friedrich Schorr,Ferdinand Frantz,
Herman Uhde, Hans Herman Nissen, Jose Van Dam, Michael Bohnen,
Rudolf Bockelmann, Heinrich Schlusnus, Paul Schoeffler, Joel
Berglund, and Emil Schipper.

                                      (70 minutes)

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Jussi Bjoerling Compilation

 A tribute to the great Jussi Bjoerling (1911-1960) with arias and
  songs from his extensive repertory. (Announced.)

                                 (73 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-06-08-01-32-16.mp3
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Romeo et Juliette with Jussi Bjoerling

  This is the first of the Jussi Bjoerling tribute podcasts. We present highlights from the remarkable 1947 Romeo et Juliette with Bidu Sayao as the Juliette.
    I have always considered this one of the all-time greatest examples of Bjoerling's art. (Get your stop-watch ready for the high C at the end of the ensemble.)

(28 min.)

Direct download: 2008-06-03-23-30-01.mp3
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Memories of Milanov

ONE ZINKA MOMENT?????? You KEEEEDING???? We usually would make the famous "Enzo adorato" B flat in Gioconda our favorite..In fact, do we know of ANY ONE SINGER who was "known for a single note?" As the supreme authority(???) on this forum on the Milanov career, a career I can readily "hear in my head," I will give you the gospel according to me. (This is a follow-up to a thread on Opera-l on "Milanov Moments.")

BURROUGHS...Where's the book already????????????????????????

So,my friends, let me give you my impressions of a lady whose career "shaped my opera life." First of all, I agree nthat her recordings usually do not do her total justice, unless you have every Met broadcast. She screams the C's in the Aida and Tosca on RCA, and in the 40's I found too much vibrato in the tone. She had a more secure top then, but despite the problematic C's in the 50's and 60's (they did improve to some extent after she worked with her brother, Bozidar Kunc), the pure voice was something I will treasure forever.

As a sixteen year old, I wore out the end of side three of the RCA LP set of the Trovatore because of the phenomenal "D'amor sull'ali rosee";however, the RCA "Orthophonic Sound' technique gave a kind of echo effect that even as a youngster I felt was not giving me a true picture of the voice. My question to the first Milanov nutcases I met on the standee line waiting for a Forza in 1953 was, "How does she sound live as compared to the records?"

Within a few minutes of the curtain rise at the Forza, I found the answer! That voice was absolutely glorious, as she started the "Me pellegrina," and by the incredible "Pace," I was in Milanov heaven...and so it goes from there, 85 performances later, I never changed my mind (even despite some screamy Ballos).

So now here are 5 of my 1000 Milanov "moments"' in addition to THE moment..the Gioconda B flat ppp:

1. Ernani:Final trio w.Del Monaco and Siepi,where she starts with that "Ferma" as she comes onstage and then sings in the most noble and powerful manner, with rich mixed low notes that are as thrilling as the high notes.

2. The double attack on the pianissimo on "Ora soave' during the Act 2 Chenier duet.

3. Chenier again:The high A flat (or A if the duet is in key) on "abbracciami, aMANTE" as the final duet was sung with fairly good tenors like Tucker,Bergonzi,Tucker, and DelMonaco.

4. The way she always swelled on the B flat "Maledizione' at the end of the "Pace."It was her "trick" of not hitting the note dead on forte, but giving it a swell that knocked you off your seats..I mean stands.

5. The section at the end of act three scene one Gioconda beginning, "O made mia..nel isola fatale,." with that glorious high b flat and then the lush low on "per lui che l'aaaaaama."

So you see, I think I have a fairly good idea of why no other singer in my life ever could thrill me like Zinka, and remember, she would agree with me in her utter modesty (!!!)

Thanks, Zinka, and i hope they let you kick your train wherever you are......

 (See,I once had hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Category:general -- posted at: 9:40pm EDT

The Great Leyla Gencer Sings the Three Queens

        In tribute to the late marvelous Leyla Gencer, I present
   highlights from the three Donizetti "Queen" operas, Anna
   Bolena, Maria Stuarda, and Roberto Devereux.
        The great diva has left us in body, but her spirit and
   her legacy will remain forever for those of us who have
   treasured her remarkable contribution to the vocal art. May
   she rest in peace.

                                      (72 minutes)




Direct download: 2008-05-19-17-30-48.mp3
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The Milanov/Nilsson May 17th Birthdays

A birthday tribute to two of the greatest sopranos who ever
 graced opera stages:

 Birgit Nilsson, born May 27, 1918

Zinka Milanov, born May 17, 1906

               The Nilsson photo is separate,as you see, and the Milanov
           photo is very early, from Croatia.

        Our lives would be far less enriched without these two great ladies.

                                           (78 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-05-17-16-27-47.mp3
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The Amazing Diana Damrau

   I was so entranced by the recent singing in the Seraglio of soprano Diana Damrau that I thought I would present a few samples of her wonderful "Arie di Bravura," available on the Virgin Classics label.
Included are arias by Righini,Salieri, and Mozart (Announced). I hope you enjoy these samples, and if you like the idea of my presenting samples of various albums (if I have them),let me know..That includes complete operas, recitals,etc.

Go to YOUTUBE and type her name..and you will see ASTOUNDING performances!!!!!!


Direct download: 2008-05-09-14-38-34.mp3
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A Puccini Tribute

 Scenes from each Puccini opera,in chronoligical order,
 plus some orchestral material and some songs. Featured are:

Placido Domingo,Aureliano Pertile, Roberto Alagna,
Thomas Hampson, Tommi Hakala, Giuseppe Taddei,
Anselmo Colzani, Renata Tebaldi, Angela Gheorghiu,
Virginia Zeani, Margarita Sheridan, Licia Albanese,
Joan Sutherland, Anita Cerquetti, Angela Maria Blasi,
Diana Soviero.

                                        (69 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-05-04-19-24-52.mp3
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Highlights from this magnificent work (Charlie's second favorite opera).

We feature Birgit Nilsson, Leonie Rysanek,Regina Resnik,
Olivia Stapp,Martha Moedl, Inge Borkh, Gwyneth Jones,
Margarete Klose, Johanna Meier, Ute Vinzing, Herman Uhde.

                               (71 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-04-21-11-32-41.mp3
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   A selection of unusual material for you to GUESS! I hope you have fun with this venture into some of the oddities in the opera world.

                                   (65 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-04-14-18-27-23.mp3
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 Die Walkure from La Puma Opera Co.

NOT FOR PURISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

           Lowlights from the Die Walkure performance at the
     legendary La Puma Opera Company, circa 1965. The
          great Olive Middleton stars as Sieglinde and the inevitable
     bass-baritone Mario Leone is the Wotan.


 (33 glorious minutes)

Direct download: 2008-04-08-02-15-51.mp3
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You never heard anything like this!!!!!!

      Some of you may have heard this clip, but it is so bizarre I
  felt COMPELLED to upload it as a single podcast clip. I was
  seated in the New York State Theatre at the debut of soprano
  Ashley Putnam as Violetta, when, as you will hear, just before
  tenor Henry Price was about to sing his act two aria, some insane
  lady (as we later learned) let out a bloodcurdling Elektra geschrei 
  and ran out of the theatre. 
        The man next to me exclaimed, "Oh my Goddd!" as you
   will hear. To this day, we never learned what motivated this
   nutcase...but at least we have a "treasured memory" that will
   endure forever.
         I used to play this clip for my schoolkids and they demanded
  I play it over and over..some of them would even run up to
  the CD player to hear the scream loud in their little ears.
         So..you thought opera people (beside me,of course)
  were NORMAL?????



Direct download: 2008-04-06-23-45-31.mp3
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Maria Callas Tribute-Vol.1

   The first podcast dedicated to the art of the legendary
    Maria Callas. Selections include scenes from:

      Aida, Tosca, Norma, Nabucco, Aroldo, Armida,
      Gianni Schicchi, Abduction from the Seraglio,
       Andrea Chenier, Lucia, Tristan und Isolde, Gioconda,
        Vespri Siciliani, plus the Proch Variations and Callas"
          Farewell to her Julliard Students

(73 min.)

Direct download: 2008-04-03-22-49-43.mp3
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A Glorious Luisa Miller

Highlights from a marvelous 1968 performance of Verdi's
"Luisa Miller," featuring Richard Tucker, Montserrat Caballe,
Sherrill Milnes, Giorgio Tozzi, and Ezio Flagello, conducted by
Thomas Schippers.

                            (60 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-03-29-22-15-50.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:35pm EDT

Golden Age Tenors-2

A Compilation of famous tenors of the "Golden Eras" in opera:

Pertile,Martinelli, Gigli, Bjoerling, Schipa, Thill, Slezak,
Devries, Bonci, Tauber, Zanelli, Patzak, Sobinov,
Smirnov, Tamagno, Clement.

                            (67 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-03-24-22-04-31.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:20pm EDT

Beverly and Placido

 Scenes from Manon, Il Tabarro, Tales of Hoffman, and
 Roberto Devereux featuring Beverly Sills and Placido Domingo.

(63 min.)                                        

Direct download: 2008-03-23-20-35-14.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:52pm EDT

First Impressions of Singers

I am too ancient to remember exactly what most singers sounded like to my virgin ears when I first heard them live. Remember, we had very few recordings..no "pirates" and were extremely limited, so when a fabulous voice was heard for the very first time, in some cases there was an indelible impression. For me, the totally "unknown' voices were those of Antonietta Stella (Aida), Daniele Barioni (Tosca), Diana Soviero (Boheme). Also, although we had heard only a few early Tebaldi recordings, and NO ONE was prepared for what that voice sounded like live.

More recently, I was captivated by soprano Irina Rindzuner (in photo) as Santuzza in the City Opera Cavalleria. As she began the "Innegiamo" my ears perked up and i said to myself.."Mamma mia!!!" (Go to her Fanciullas at Da Capo in April.).

Can you recall your first impression of some of the great voices and give us some details? Also, can you recall the exact opposite (i.e. a voice you adored on recordings and in person with which you were much less impressed (Jan Peerce for me.)

Best Charlie

Direct download: 2006-09-27-10-36-24.mp3
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the Magnificent Aprile Millo

My tribute to Aprile Millo, one of the finest (and nicest) artists I have
had the pleasure of hearing. I present her in scenes from:

Trovatore, Fanciulla, Rusalka, Andrea Chenier, Luisa Miller,
La Gioconda, Adriana Lecouvreur,Tosca, and I Lombardi.
     Also joining Mme.Millo in these scenes are Dolora Zajick,
     Marcello Giordani, Vladimir Atlantov, Taro Ichihara,and
     Vladimir Chernov.

                                   (67 minutes)


Direct download: 2008-03-11-02-56-29.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:15am EDT

Giuseppe Di Stefano (1921-2008) -In Memoriam

  A memorial tribute to the late Giuseppe Di Stefano ("Pippo") .

       The opera world mourns his passing and we present him in scenes from live performances of:

 La Favorita, Faust, Andrea Chenier, Turandot, Iris, Pearl Fishers, 
Ballo in Maschera (w.Maria Callas), La Boheme,
Tosca, Werther, Manon, Mignon, and two Italian songs.

(72 min.)

Direct download: 2008-03-09-00-44-48.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:04am EDT

Kunst vs.Stimme Divas

A  comparison of Kunst(art) and Stimme (voice) sopranos.
Included are the following divas:

Maria Callas, Renata Tebaldi, Joan Sutherland, Martha Moedl,
Kirsten Flagstad, Leonie Rysanek, Nina Stemme, Marilyn Horne,
Conchita Supervia, Elena Suliotis, Maria Caniglia, Zinka Milanov,
Edita Gruberova.

                                       (74 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-29-18-14-54.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:35pm EDT

Happy Leap Year Birthday to Rossini

Scenes from some of the great Rossini works as presented
on his birthday (Feb.29, born in 1792). Operas include:

Barbiere di Siviglia, Cenerentola, Viaggio a Rheims,
William Tell, L'Italiana in Algeri, Semiramide
L'Assedio di Corinto, and Armida. Featured artists are:

Marilyn Horne, Conchita Supervia, Vesselina Kasarova,
Ewa Podles, Montserrat Caballe, Beverly Sills,
Nicolai Gedda, Marcello Giordani, Fernando di Lucia,
Norman Mittleman, Juan Diego Florez, Maria Callas,
 and Ruggero Raimondi.

                                  (73 minutes)


Direct download: 2008-02-28-17-25-26.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:45pm EDT

Verdi's Ernani

Scenes from Verdi's Ernani, featuring some of the greatest
singers of the past:

Anita Cerquetti, Leontyne Price, Zinka Milanov, Grace Bumbry,
Leyla Gencer,Caterina Mancini, Gino Penno, Mario del Monaco,
Placido Domingo (past and also present), Flaviano Labo,
Leonard Warren, Mario Sereni, Ettore Bastianini, Leonard Warren,
Cornel MacNeil, Piero Cappuccilli, Lando Bartolini, Cesare Siepi,
Nicolai Ghiaurov.

                                           (76 minutes)


Direct download: 2008-02-22-21-14-39.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:34pm EDT

Claudia Muzio

   Songs and Arias as sung by the great Claudia Muzio.
   She passed away at only 47 years of age, but left a
   legacy of true greatness in the opera world.

                                 (78 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-21-23-15-23.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:37pm EDT

Caterina Mancini

Selections from Aida, Trovatore, Ernani, Nabucco, and
La Battaglia di Legnano featuring the wonderful soprano
Caterina Mancini, whose Cetra recordings introduced me to
the brand of exciting singing usually absent these days. She
is joined in duets by Paolo Silveri, Rolando Panerai,
Giuseppe Taddei, and Carlo Tagliabue

                                   (44 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-18-12-25-40.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:37pm EDT

Lohengrin for Collectors

So, when does the next swan leave????? (You all know the story!)

Here are scenes from this great opera featuring some great artists:

Leonie Rysanek, Birgit Nilsson, Elizabeth Rethberg, Astrid Varnay,
Lauritz Melchior, Helen Traubel, Marjorie Lawrence,Ninon Vallin,
Wolfgang Windgassen, Rita Gorr, Emmanuel List, Leonard Warren,
Elizabeth Grummer, Eleanor Steber, Nicolai Gedda, Barbro Ericson,
Lotte Lehmann.

                                        (66 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-15-17-21-46.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:39pm EDT

Puccini Interpreters-1

Highlights from Puccini operas featuring many great artists:

Rosa Ponselle, Claudia Muzio, Virginia Zeani, Licia Albanese,
Margherita Sheridan, Edith Mason, Nelly Melba, Lucrecia Bori,
Magda Olivero, Montserrat Caballe, Mattia Battistini,Titta Ruffo,
Beniamino Gigli, Enrico Caruso, Aureliano Pertile,Tito Schipa,
John McCormack.

                                   (73 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-11-00-20-31.mp3
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Leopold Stokowski and Friends 1961-3

 Selections from live performances conducted by Leopold Stokowski.
 Featured are Birgit Nilsson, Franco Corelli, and George London.
 In addition to the concert material, we present scenes from the
 legendary 1961 Turandot, featuring Nilsson and Corelli in shining form!

                                    (73 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-10-15-04-08.mp3
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Suor Angelica

  A compilation of scenes from the great Puccini opera,
  featuring many fine artists. I will not write the names here
  since some of you might wish to use this podcast as a quiz.
                                ( 73 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-02-04-23-03-58.mp3
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Cecilia by Licinio Refice

  By popular request (Ruben!!), here are highlights from
  Cecilia, a truly beautiful, and seldom-heard work. It
  features Renata Scotto as both the Angel and Cecilia, Harry
  Theyard as Valerian, and George Fourie as Almachis. It
  is conducted by Angelo Campori.

                                   (66 minutes)


Direct download: 2008-02-02-01-17-01.mp3
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Those famous "V" Tenors!!

Famous tenors of past and present whose last names happen
to begin with the letter "V." Included are:

Ramon Vinay, Cesar Vezzani, Albert Vaguet, Alessandro Valente,
Franz Voelker, Rene Verdiere, Francisco Vignas, Miguel Villabella,
Ramon Vargas, and (in photo), Rolando Villazon.

                                  (66 minutes)


Direct download: 2008-01-23-19-27-10.mp3
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The Remarkable Nicolai Gedda!!

Excerpts from the great career of tenor Nicolai Gedda. These
are all live and the operas represented are:

Boheme,Tosca,Tales of Hoffmann,Vespri Siciliani,
I Puritani,The Pearl Fishers, Faust, La Sonnambula
Don Giovanni, Le Roi d'ys,La Traviata,Mignon,
Yolanta.                     (72 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-01-19-00-46-40.mp3
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 An exciting compilation of scenes from Leoncavallo's
 "I Pagliacci," featuring:

  Richard Tucker, Mario del Monaco, Franco Corelli,
  Helge Roswaenge, Jussi Bjoerling, Carlo Bergonzi,
  Licia Albanese, Diana Soviero, Marilyn Horne,
  Hilde Scheppan, Victoria de los Angeles, Robert Merrill,
  Leonard Warren, Ettore Bastianini, Frank Guarrera,
Giovanni Martinelli(in photo)  Manuel Lanza, and
Teresa Stratas

(66 min.)

Direct download: 2008-01-16-16-28-16.mp3
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Singers of the "Germanic" School-1

Great Singers of the "Germanic" School. Included are:

Frieda Leider (in photo), Margarita Perras, Alexander Kipnis,
Lotte Lehmann, Tiana Lemnitz, Friedrich Schorr, Maria Ivogun,
Johanna Gadski, Franz Voelker, Marcel Wittrisch,Wilhelm Hesch,
Maria Olzewska, Lauritz Melchior, Maria Cebotari,Richard Tauber,
Gerhard Huesch, Elizabeth Schumann

                                     (78 minutes)

Direct download: 2008-01-07-13-18-05.mp3
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