O Mio Fernando

 A comparison of various versions (French and English) of the "O Mio Fernando" aria from Donizetti's "La Favorita." Included are:

Giulietta Simionato, Ebe Stignani, Fedora Barbieri, Regina Resnik,
Shirley Verrett, Ketty Lapeyerette, Fiorenza Cossotto, Gloria Scalchi, Vesselina Kasarova, and Rise Stevens.
               So, who is your "favorita?"               (68 min.)


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The Live Opera Hit Parade, Part One

    An exciting podcast that features some of the most exciting live scenes and arias in my collection. You may have heard some of them on previous podcasts, but to have them all together might be a special treat, excellent for parties,etc.
    I do contend that this fearless brand of vocalism is  mostly absent these days from the opera scene.This does not mean I do not treasure many of our present-day artists, but I still say that most of you would require a supply of oxygen upon hearing this kind of singing.
     Want a part two???  Let me know!!!!
                              My best   Charlie
                                        (73 min.)

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Great Singers of the Past Sing Xmas Music

 A podcast that features 15 famous artists of the past singing music appropriate for the holidays. Included are:

Rosa Ponselle,Giovanni Martinelli, Enrico Caruso, Sigrid Onegin, Ernstine Schumann-Heink, Beniamino Gigli, Lotte Lehmann, Emmy Destinn, Lawrence Tibbett, John Charles Thomas, John McCormack, Alma Gluck, Elizabeth Schumann, Richard Crooks, and Claudia Muzio

                                      (59 min.)

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Puccini at 150!!!!!

     The remarkable Giacomo Puccini was born on Dec.22, 1858. At
this time we celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth. Can we think of any other composer who has consistenly "tugged at our heartstrings" with the glorious music he composed?
       Featured are excerpts, live and commercial, from each of his operas,plus some symphonic material. I know you wil join me in celebrating the birth of this true genius!

                                   (68 min.)

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Rene Pape, My Favorite Singer of Today

My most affectionate tribute to Rene Pape, my favorite singer of today.
He has brought so much joy to the opera world by virtue of his magnificent voice and his brilliant musicianship. The selections are from:

Romeo et Juliette, Fidelio, Zauberflote, Die Meistersinger,
Lohengrin, The Demon (Rubenstein), Das Rheingold, and
Tristan und Isolde. (Who goes to a Tristan for a King Marke???)
                                      (50 min.)

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Brunnhilde and Sieglinde

A comparison of several versions of the Walkure Act 3 scene between Brunnhilde and Sieglinde. Included are many famous voices, and of special interest, one can sample Nilsson,Moedl,Flagstad, and Varnay in both roles. Other artists included are:

Leonie Rysanek,Hilde Konetzni, Rita Hunter, Lotte Lehmann,
Regina Resnik, Marjorie Lawrence, Helen Traubel, Regine Crespin,
Margaret Curphey.

                                 (72 min.)

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The Magnificent Regina Resnik (Vol.2)

    A podcast that features the soprano/mezzo career of the great Regina Resnik, one of the  music world's legendary personalities, not only owing to her successes in two vocal fachs (soprano and mezzo), but who has achieved international recognition as producer, director, filmmaker, teacher and coach. In addition, her brilliant master classes have inspired so many young artists in the opera world in their careers. 

                     The selections are from:
Ernani, Queen of Sheba, Cavalleria, Fidelio    (soprano repertory) Carmen, Walkure, Falstaff, Le Cid, Pique Dame, Boris Godunov,
The Medium, Ballo in Maschera, and a hilarious "Chacun a Bing's Gout"
at the Farewell Gala for Rudolf Bing.

                               (72 min.)

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Amfortas and Gurnemanz

I have more recently come to love the opera Parsifal, especially the roles of Amfortas and Gurnemanz. The depth of emotion and the spirituality of their music are so touching and I am presenting both the Amfortas act one monologue and part of the act three Good Friday scene:

Amfortas:  Paul Schoeffler, George London,Thomas Stewart, Thomas Quasthoff.

Gurnemanz and Parsifal:    Hans Hotter/Jon Vickers,
  Franz-Josef Selig/Placido Domingo, Franz Crass/Sandor Konya
  Ludwig Weber/Wolfgang Windgassen, Alexander Kipnis/Rene Maison.

                                   (74 min.)

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The Exciting Faust Church Scene

   You will hear some tremendously exciting singing in this comparison podcast of various Church Scenes from Gounod's Faust. Included are the following singers:

Erie Mills/Kristin Sigmundsson
Licia Albanese/Ezio Pinza
George Hann/Margarete Teschemacher
Italo Tajo/Dorothy Kirsten
Bryn Terfel/Angela Gheorghiu
Samuel Ramey/Diana Soviero
Cesare Siepi/Victoria de los Angeles
Jerome Hines/Hilde Gueden
Nicolai Ghiaurov/Mirella Freni
                                 Have fun!!!!!   (71 min.)

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