Walkure from the La Puma Opera Co.


         If you are faint of heart and/or have digestive problems, I recommend you do NOT listen to these lowlites from a performance of Wagner's Die Walkure from the La Puma Company in the 1960's.

   Cast:   Olive Middleton (Sieglinde), Mario Leone (Wotan),
              Walter Ulrich (Siegmund), Marjorie Brown (Brunh.)
                        Conducted(?) by Ralph Zeitlin

                                   (56 glorious minutes)

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Pour mon ame

 Eight tenors and 72 high C's in Fille du Reggiment aria:

   William Matteuzzi, Jose Sempere, Grayson Hirst,
   Marcelo Alvarez, Roberto Alagna, Alfredo Kraus
   Juan Diego Flores (pictured), Luciano Pavarotti

                            (50 minutes)


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Can you do this better???????

   I came across this lovely tenor on the internet. I am sure you
   will absolutely THRILL to the sound of his voice, especially
   the totally unique way in which he produces his top notes.

     I do recognize the aria as "Dein ist mein Ganzes Herz" from
     Lehar's lovely operetta, "The Land of Smiles," but I am
     having a slight problem figuring out  in what LANGUAGE
     this most amazing dude is singing.

       ........and you thought YOU couldn't sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lend me a WHAT.......????????


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A Compilation of interpreters of the role of Azucena in Verdi's "Il Trovatore."  The podcast features:

Bruna Castagna, Ebe Stignani, Irene Minghini-Cattaneo,
Elena Nikolaidi, Regina Resnik, Cloe Elmo, Grace Bumbry,
Irene Kramarich, Dolora Zajick, Elena Obratsova,
Fiorenza Cossotto, Fedora Barbieri, (pictured) Shirley Verrett,
Giulietta Simionato, and finally, the great Sylvia Sawyer.

    Assisting artists include Leonard Warren, Franco Corelli,
    Carlo Bergonzi, Luigi Ottolini, Roberto Alagna,Gino Sarri,
    and Matteo Manuguerra.

                                 (88 minutes)

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Chest Voice, Volume 2

The second podcast dedicated to "chest voice." In order of
broadcast sequence, the artists are:

Olga Borodina, Elena Suliotis, Adriana Guerrini, Renata Tebaldi,
Magda Olivero, Ebe Stignani, Theresa Stich-Randall,Gina Cigna,
Marisa Galvany, Zinka Milanov, Shirley Verrett. Claudia Muzio,
Virginia Zeani, and Olive Middleton.

                                    (78 minutes)

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"Chest voice"  Part One

This is volume one of the "chest voice" podcasts. Here I include
such exciting artists (in proper order) as:

Luisa Tetrazzini,Emma Calve, Clara Butt, Conchita Supervia,
Eugenia Burzio, Mafalda Favero, Maria Callas and Fedora Barbieri,
Martha Moedl, Leyla Gencer, Beverly Sills, Regina Resnik,
Oralia Dominguez, Birgite Fassbaender, Rosa Ponselle,
Rita Hunter, and Lina Bruna Rasa.

                                   (74 minutes)

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