Callas and Tebaldi Compared

Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi, two of the greatest divas
who ever graced an opera stage, singing the same material
as a point of friendly comparison. Selections are from:

La Gioconda, Aida, Louise, Tosca, Mme.Butterfly,
 Tristan und Isolde,  and Andrea Chenier.

                                    (102 minutes)

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Famous Artists Who Sang at Salzburg

There have been many great artists who appeared at the
Salzburg Festival in the 30's and 40's, and in other theatres.
Here is a pot-piurri that will present some of them to you.

Tiana Lemnitz,Lotte Lehmann, Maria Reining, Charles Kullmann, Koloman Von Pataky, Sigrid Onegin,Marcel Wittrisch,
Alexander Kipnis, Michael Bohnen, Ludwig Weber,
Selma Kurz, Julius Patzak, Hans Hotter, Dino Borgioli,
Maria Cebotari, Ljuba Welitsch, Set Svanholm, and
Alfred Piccaver.

                              (80 minutes)



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The Men in Verdi Operas

Let us give the men a chance! I am so "diva-oriented" I tend
to forget that there is an incredible array of male artists who thrill us. Here are some scenes from Verdi operas featuring:

Richard Tucker, Leonard Warren, Robert Merrill, Jussi Bjoerling,
Samuel Ramey, Thomas Hampson, Cornell MacNeil, Piero Cappuccilli, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Giorgio Tozzi, Ezio Flagello,
Sherrill Milnes, Karl Ridderbusch, Carlo Tagliabue, Galliano Masini,
Mario del Monaco, Helge Roswaenge, Heinrich Schlusnus,
Ettore Bastianini,Jerome Hines

                                    (55 minutes)

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A Special Tribute to Marcello Giordani, a Great Tenor

  On occasion, even a jaded opera lover like me finds joy
  in discovering a great voice. I find that Signor Giordani
  is one of the great singers in my opera-going experience
  and I am pleased to present live scenes from various operas
  that feature him:

Favorita, Manon, Romeo ,Huguenots, Gioconda, Ballo,
William Tell(with a BIS!!), Adriana Lecouvreur.

                             (85 minutes)

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 Che tua madre


A comparison (quiz) of 13 sopranos singing the heartbeaking
second act scene "Che tua madre" from Puccini's Mme.Butterfly.

                                 (54 minutes)

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