I met Sondra Radvanovsky-Lear

years ago, and since then she

has emerged as one of our

very great stars. The amazing

element of her singing like

Fiorenza Cossotto) is that LIVE

should sounds,through all

registers, that she is singing

in my EAR!!! You cannot tell,

as with most singers,unless

you are THERE!!





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In the past I have spoken of

and posted of the La Puma

Opera,from the 1960's. We

had to wear many sets of

Depends...They were serious.

Note this great tenor's superb

passaggio...Are there any such

groups in the rest of the world?

Ultimately, we had to run out

because we were afraid to have



Category:general -- posted at: 6:35pm EST

Some tenors are DOGS but

this dog has good taste.

Do any of you have opera-

loving pets?????

Category:general -- posted at: 9:56am EST

Because of the Pandemic,I watch

more TV,and came upon some

of the psycho auditions.I am

shocked that people actually

think they have any talent,and

some get angry that they are

not accepted. Go to Youtube

if you want punishment.



Category:general -- posted at: 9:29am EST

You already know I am a big

pain about today's singers.

However,Piotr Beczala for me

is a throwback to his idols,

Gedda and Wunderlich. He

is a sweet person,and great



Category:general -- posted at: 9:20am EST

I called the great Magda Olivero

on her birthdays.For me, she was

a MIRACOLO...Her 104 years gave

opera such joy..She still had voice

at over 100.I know her caretaker.

Not a big luscious tone..but such

emotion and LOVE!!!!!

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It was 1955...Gigli did three Carnegie

Recitals...at 65..I remember only

that he was a sensation. Could have

sung 10 plus more years,but in

1957 he passed away (on the same

day Renata's mother died.).

GIGLI was a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A great honor for me to have

sung with that "new guy" whom

I know since 1971 Bolena.

Bartolo and Basilio!!!!!

We had fun!!!!!!


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Before it sank,I saw Tebaldi

off on the Andrea Doria! It was

1956, and near my birthday.She

left me the LP London Forza!!

NO ONE was as dear!!!!

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Since I have watched more TV and

also have made 40 groups on

Facebook...it is because I will NOT

go to the Met,even if Zinka and my

dear buddy Baum returned..People

have had vaccinations, worn masks,

and still got sick...so now I am SCANNING

and you will see some enjoyable photos

from my past life!!!!!!

 You know,since I started this podcast,

there are close to 2 MILLION HITS!

Sad that I cannot get comments,

because you get commercials..but

WRITE ME at Placido21@aol.com

(Placido is Jan.21 also,as you know,

but I am celibate.

  Love  Charlie,

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This is a photo of Franco Corelli in a funny hat!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:00am EST

Category:general -- posted at: 11:47pm EST


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