You may get to this.  I sang

in a company with the worst

singer EVER...and needed

RAID since he took a bath

every one year. I hope you

get this.

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For new people..Reminding

you that 1644 podcasts,and

early ones with narration,

are available!!!!! Loveya!!!!

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In English...but what a

delight.She stole the

opera and he was a very

great artist.

 I am doing more...right?

The Virus keeps me home.

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I was at this Gioconda with

my favorite singer,Zinka,

and friend of over 50 yrs.

Regina Resnik. Bing hardly

gave Regina dramatic roles

and she had to fight her way.

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Exciting Gulin with Baglioni

in Gioconda duet.Cigna and

Elmo also to be remembered.

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We have no really dramatic

tenors..Remember,I saw

Corelli and Del Monaco

each 40 times. Good to have

one at least in recent past.

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Incredible courage after

paralysis.I met her at

closing old Met.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:08pm EDT

Rita Gorr was a fabulous

mezzo.A friend saw the

Fricka in Paris and was

just raving. 2/18/26

with George London

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