Great man, despite some choices

I do not like, but one of the

greatest singers ever. Happy Birthday

to us both on 1/21

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Happy Birthday,Placido and me.

I do not have 300 million and I

am not xxx rated, but I used

to have some good baritone

notes (like you do now.)





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  Placido, happy birthday to us!

 My baritone voice was not as

good as yours, but you did have

lots of xxxxxx- rated fun.

I guess Marta accepted it.

 Well,when you are worth 300 million

it is not too bad.  Was I a bass? I

did 50 roles but managed it.

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  I am honored to share 1/21 birthday

with a great man. Nice of Verdi

to put his name in an aria. A shame

they suddenly realized what everyone knew.

Pavarotti today would be in the

same situation. I always told Soviero

to wear metal panties. Love to a

great man.I do not approve of his

baritone singing, but we all know

what a fabulous career he has had.

Gee. my high notes are as good as

his middle. 





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