Stella and Bergonzi in great scene.

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 I am too lazy to redo the Tebaldi

comments;much is cut off;in the

future I will be more careful.

Note she runs on the B flat and it is

the closest to what I heard live..Ten

Jet planes!!!!!


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    LUV IT....but note Heddle Nash does it in falsetto. Hard note after an entire aria...Best for me is the GEDDA ATTACK. My poor friend had to make a series of LP's for Eddie Smith, the first pirate of 101 of the entire aria..His poor wife almost wanted a divorce!!!!!

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Love this...but nothing compares with Corelli in Parma...which is really almost "funny" like the Caballe Don Carlo ending.

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  I am sure that many of you have met, and in some cases, became friendly with opera stars. In my case, it is the great Renata Tebaldi with whom I had a closer-than-usual relationship. It was on every birthday that we spoke, and since my mother had met her once, she always said, "Carlos,com'e la mamma??"She called me "Carlos" rather than "Carlo" since her English was limited and my Italian was I used my Spanish. NO ONE in my life,except my ma, meant more to me...Now it is Virginia Zeani, in that same kind of feeling, whom I will forever treasure...and as compared to Zinka, whom you could NEVER call by her first name, Tebaldi was only "Renata" to us. Bless her forever!!!!

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We always had guessing games so why don't you give out prizes for those who can guess the most of these singers???

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I love this guy.....why is he not here at the Met????

Well, they have no taste!!!!!   Please note I am doing only many videos, but a big variety.

Please send me comments to We were both born Jan.21, except I am a real baritone.(ooops, am I mean???)

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I will never ever forget the golden sound at "Beviamo ai novissimi legaaaaaaami"...this is like a Di Stefano or Gigli sound..I loved him, and she  was one of the greatest..Just turned 90!!!!!

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  One of the FIVE tenors I saw and adored (Tucker,Bergonzi,Corelli,Del Monaco) were the others.The man had the most gorgeous middle voice I ever heard. He did push but the basic sound was absolutely ravishing..especially in the first act of Butterfly, "O Kami O Kami....BEVIAMO AI NOVISSIMI LEGAAAAAMI." I will not ever forget him!!!!! I will post the Butterfly.

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  Mentally deranged Bonisolli stays on the high C and then when people applaud and others try to interrupt, he says that Puccini wrote a pause there. The man was a PIG and I hate him!!!!!!!

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