Delmonaco sang "Trahison" running

out of the tent.He knew it was a broadcast!!

They looked better than Victor and Hedy!!!!

I was there...1958

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My beloved!!! Happy Birthday!

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Rise sat at her desk and told us of her love for Lehmann when she was a if in a trance...and

they sang together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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La Famosa storia di Handelmani e Rise 1/21/56 Since di Stefano broke Rise's arm on the broadcast of Carmen, the club meeting was cancelled..My ma planned a surprise birthday party....How to get Charlie out of the house???No party!!!! They got me to see her when she came back from the they could surprise me.but close call..... That PIPPO!!!!!! My friends surprised me..they just arrived before me. What a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However imagine if a certain invited guest was able to attend. TEBALDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have fainted! Quest' era la solita storia di Pippo e il mio compleanno.................



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I was 16..First singer I ever met.

Had great times at her home with the club...Made it to

99.....6/11/13...No one could be more beloved in my 

young life..well,also Tebaldi.

Rise,I will never forget you...……………..

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