She turns 69 on Dec.23. Do we know many,if any divas who can sustain a career like hers? People fly all over the globe to see her.

Yes, a few notes are a bit "off," but who cares?????


One of the all-time legends!!!!!!! >

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Let us hear the names of all the divas who can sing beautifully in Turandot, Lucia, Forza,and a wide variety of roles.

  Not many.....Callas, Zeani, etc..and we add the wonderful Magda  (and she has CHEST VOICE TOO!!!!)

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  You all know how I discover new talent. Well, Mme.Nieves is not exactly new. She has a fine career, but I just "discovered" her.

I honestly feel she is one of our "shining divas" and am presenting a few excerpts. You know I have heard the BEST!


P.S. Since I cannot add comments here, owing to commercials that are put in, let me know if the new podcasts are fine, since I am just starting them again.

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Piotr Beczala Highlights from French Album

I present the magnificent tenor, Piotr Beczala, in arias from Werther, Le Cid, La Favorite, and Romeo et Juliette.

 Few tenors in my opera experience have thrilled me as much, and in addition he is the sweetest human being one could know.

 I did not give you the entire album, because if you don't buy it, he loses royalties.(I think!)

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