Happy Holidays

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!!!!!!

                      Charlie Handelmaniac

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Jussi wishes you a wonderful Holiday Season,as do I...to you wonderful people!!!!!

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  • I had posted on “learning a language through opera.” If all you know is what you know from opera, you surely can uses these phrases (and produce hilarity for the natives.):

    1. Lousy meal: “Eh cameriere…questo piato puzza di rifritto.”

    2. Nasty Hotel Clerk: “Va….fuggi”

    3.Very angry at someone “Cruda, funesta smania”

    4.Crying at a film in Paris: “Pleurez,pleurez,mes yeux”

    5. Trying to make out with someone: ” Du bist der Lenz”

    6. Homesick: “O Patria mia”

    7. During sex with “Cortesan”(I didn’t say “Putana”): ” Basta,Roberti” OR”Basta,Roberta.”

    8. Bad food: “Ohime, morir mi sento.”

    9. Fire in your hotel room “Di quella pira.”

    10. Hating a mean landlady: “Maledizione” OR “A terra…e piangi” OR
    ” Man tote dieses Weib”

    11. Kept up by orchestra on the plaza: “Nessun Dorma”

    12. Departure: “Addio,senza rancor.”

    13. They came into your hotel room and robbed some furniture:
    “Adieu,notre petite table.”

    14. I can’t sleep in this dump. “Ich habe nicht gute Nachte”

    15. Bad service at Easter GUESS!! (a te,la mala Pasqua.”

    Come on..nutcases like me..Let’s hear some of yours!!!!

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Let us celebrate the birthday of Giacomo Puccini,born Dec.22, 1858 .We would need  5000 towels to catch all the tears he makes us shed in a lifetime. Diana Soviero sings the Suor Angelica Finale here.


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