Number 15 Miscellany

More fun (I hope) for you:

1.Licia Albanese                      Pagliacci Aria

2.Zeani/Borso                         Piccolo Marat Duet  (They made them do the finale again!)

3.Vassilka Petrova                  Trovatore Aria  (send children and small animals out of the room)

4.Schwartzkopf/Jurinac/Della Casa (Sophie)   Rosenkavalier trio  (Della Casa did all three roles)

5. Mado Robin                            Lucia Mad Scene   (with High K# above R)

6. Eleanor Ross                          "Pace"

7. Bidu Sayao                    Manon Adieu  (You do not have to sound like Nilsson to be  a sensation)

8. Renata Scotto                        Adriana Phedre Declamation in Act 3

9.Irmgard Seefried                    Ariadne Composer's Aria 

10.Cesare Siepi                           Salvador Rosa Aria

11. Simionato/Di Stefano          Favorita Duet

12.Pinza/Martinelli                      Simone duet (Jan.21,1939,my third birthday)

                                    (I never forgave mom and dad for not taking me!)

13.Giuseppe Taddei                     Schicchi Aria

14.Diana Soviero                          Zaza aria (Leoncavallo)

15.Joan Sutherland                       Alcina Aria

16.Giuseppe Taccani                     Guglielmo Ratcliff aria (Mascagni)

17-18.   Richard Tucker                   Chenier aria/ Juive Cabaletta

19. Taddei                                          Fanciulla aria

20. Antonietta Stella                        Vespri Bolero

21.Franz Voelker                               Walkure act one scene  (one of my 5 fav.tenors of the past)

22.Leonard Warren                            Faust aria

23.Ludwig Weber                               Boris Monolog. (one of my 5 fav.bassos of the past)

24.Ljuba Welitsch                               Gypsy Baron aria

25. Zinka Milanov's Last "Pace" from Newark,NJ Concert in 1966 (I CRY!)

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