Paris Fonotipia Records 1904-5

 A compilation of some rare selections from volume 21 of the superb David Wayne Collection, featuring French artists of the period 1904-5. I announce the selections, but here are the artists:

Jean-Francois Delmas, Ernest van Dyck, Leon David, Victor Capoul, Marie de Reszke, and Pedro Gailhard.     (40 min.)

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Pique Dame from Munich, 1984

From Munich in 1984 Algis Shuraitis conducts Pique Dame with the following cast:

Vladimir Atlantov-Herman

Julia Varady-Lisa

Elena Obratsova-Countess

Bodo Brinkman-Yeletsky

Alexander Woroschilo-Tomsky

       (73 min.)

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Montserrat Caballe Recital from 1978

 A recital by Mme.Caballe from Carnegie Hall on Mar.19, 1978 Miguel Zanetti. The selections (announced) include arias by Handel,Vivaldi, and Donizetti with songs by De Falla, Granados, Vives, Chapi, and Nieto/Jimenez plus 7 encores.  (73 min.)

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Die Frau Ohne Schatten from Munich

  Rudolf Kempe conducts highlights from one of my favorite works, "Die Frau Ohne Schatten." The cast features Leonie Rysanek as the Empress, Hans Hopf as the Emperor, Josef Metternich as Barak, Marianne Schech as the Dyer's Wife, Lilian Benningsen as the Amme, and Kurt Boehme as the Spirit Messenger   (73 min.)

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