Der Rosenkavalier from 1949

Under the direction of the legendary Fritz Reiner, we present an all-star Rosenkavalier featuring the beloved late Rise Stevens, Eleanor Steber, Erna Berger, Emanuel List, Martha Lipton, and Giuseppe Di Stefano. The only time in all my opera-going in which I totally "lost it," was at the finale of the trio. Many people have considered the Rosenkavalier trio as the most sublime moment in ALL opera. I surely agree.  (70 min.)

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When I was young and somewhat normal.

  May I share with you (whether you care or not) one of the really delightful experiences of my early opera-going, when my friends and I had nothing to do in the summer, with no MET! A dear friend, Joan Abel, invented a take-off on the famous Monopoly game and called it "Monoperaly" Each of the players had little pieces of papers with singers names and points. We had big fistfights first when we had to decide how many points a Flagstad would get compared to a Baum.
       The concept was that if you rolled the dice (no rolling Marijuana cigarettes at that time) and landed on an OPERA (Joanie covered the usual places with names of operas, so if i landed on BORIS and could cast it with the singers in my collection (with the approval of everyone),I could OWN IT, and if you ever landed on it, I could take your singers,if they were also for example,if you had  London,Siepi,Hines,etc..and i could cast it with YOUR singers, I got them (like money).
     One night i landed on Siegfried, but had only people like Peters, Valletti,etc. and I could not cast it..although I did argue for a "lyric Siegfried," but was voted down!!!
 Jail was BED....GO was "Va fuggi"(like Zinka in Trovatore), and some of the Community chest cards were things like "Zinka falls on your head..go back 5 spaces," or "Pick a singer from the "bank" without looking and you have to go to BED with the singer.(I once got BAUM!!!)
     So you see how much crazy fun we had, but I was very immature then,and as you know I am now ready for more intelligent games like "Potsy" and " Kill the tenor."
     There was once an opera game called "Triviata," and i wonder if it still in existence. Maybe some of you more intelligent people could think of something (keep it clean) we could do online that might be fun for mature opera lovers..but you will NEVER match Monoperaly.
     Thanks Joanie,wherever you are!!!!! Charlie

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Anja Silja,Phillip Langridge and Roberta Alexander combine in the great finale of Janacek's Jenufa, one of the finest operas ever written.

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La Forza Del Destino from 1957

 You know by now how much I loved the beloved Leyla Gencer, sometimes flawed, but nevertheless,one of the most important sopranos. Here are excerpts from a 1957  la Scala Forza under Antonino Votto, with Giuseppe di Stefano,Cesare Siepi,Aldo Protti, and Franco Calabrese (Marchese).  (73 min.)

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