The Pearl Fishers with Nicolai Gedda

 When do I get to hear anything? There is just too much, and I wonder whatever possessed me to have items like "The Complete Works of The Rolling Stones."(Lord Forbid!!).However, some performances stand out in one's memory, and this Carnegie Hall 1974 Pearl Fishers under Eve Queler, with Nicolai Gedda (the GOD of the tenor voice), Renato Bruson (still active at 77), and Christiane Eda-Pierre is special to me. Especially thrilling is the version of the final trio, not always perfomed these days, and of course Gedda's high C pianissimo at the end of the aria is in itelf a tremendous achievement. I know you will enjoy this. (71 min.)

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  On that terribly tragic evening, March 4, 1960, we never got to hear the cabaletta to this aria, because Warren's last words were, "E salvo, o gioija." On the occasion of his birthday (Apr.21, 1911),I present the aria as he often sang it at the Met, with the fabulous ending. He was a great man and we still mourn his tragic passing.

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