Sylvia Sawyer, a model of proper Italian diction.

  Here are scenes from the ancient (1952) recording of Il Trovatore, featuring Stella Roman, Gino Sarri,Antonio Manca Serra, AND the true model of proper Italian diction, Sylvia Sawyer as Azucena. Anyone who wishes to learn Italian must use Sawyer as a MODEL, but if you follow her example and travel to Italy, someone may throw you off the leaning tower of Pizza.  (46 minuti di non so che)

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Cavalleria Rusticana with Leonie Rysanek

Here's a really exciting Cav. with Rysanek,Domingo,Benito di Bella, Ruth Falcon, and the great Astrid Varnay as Mamma Lucia. It is from Munich 1978 under Nello Santi, and i know you will enjoy it.  

(69 minutes)

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 More of my beloved friend Diana Soviero, the very last of a breed.They do not like this kind of singing anymore...With Scotto, Diana constitutes a "lost art."  Happy Birthday again,Diana, and to my other beloved diva, my ma. March 19 was a great day!!!!

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   I cannot wait for March 19!!Here is the first of the Diana Soviero clips. I have posted it before, I believe.Get your big towels ready for the most emotional singing you can imagine. I have know Diana since i almost fell out of the balcony at her Mimi in 1977, and I have not changed my mind as to her greatness as a singer..last of the verismo ladies.

     You'll get more later this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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