Maria Callas Concerts 1958-9

   Maria Callas in the years 1958-1959. First we present a Los Angeles recital under Nicola Rescigno, with arias from La Vestale, La Boheme, Macbeth, Hamlet, Barbiere, and Mefistofele.
    This is followed by some 1958-1959 material, with arias from La Boheme, Tosca, Ernani, Norma, and Mme.Butterfly.

     Have any of you die-hard opera lovers ever experienced the vicarious thrill of being able to identify with someone who at an early age, much like yourselves, loves music so much? Recently, a young boy of 13, Olivier Bergeron, who resides in Montreal, has been reminding me (poor parents) of myself at that tender age. He is a Callas authority, and so I specifically dedicate this podcast to him.
      Let us hope that his life will be as treasurable as ours, loving opera as we do. My problem with him is that his voice has not yet changed, and he must remember he ain't no Manrico (YET!).        (73 min.)

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