Compilation 16

I sincerely hope you are enjoying thee compilations. If you have any comments,suggestions,etc. PLEASE let me know at

1. Marisa Galvany and Enrico di Giuseppe in Attila Duet. (What a D!!)

2. Mattia Battistini                        Tannhauser  " Evening Star"

3. Enrico Caruso                             "Musica Proibita"  (After all these years, I say NO ONE was greater!)

4. Franco Corelli                             Otello  "Esultate!" (He never sang the role, sadly.)

5. David Daniels                               Rinaldo   "Venti turbini." (Wedding coming soon!)

6. Giuseppe Di Stefano                   "Un furtiva lagrima"

7. Eileen Farrell                                "Pace" from Forza del Destino

ERROR: It is CLAUDIA Novikova.

8. Gottlob Frick                                 Seraglio aria  (GREATEST "black" voice.)

9. Marcello Giordani                         "L'anima stanca" from Adriana

  (Last season he said to me, "I know Piotr is your favorite tenor..That is OK.I love him too!")

10.Apollo Granforte                             "Il Balen" from Trovatore  (worthy of his NAME!)

11. Alexander Kipnis                            "O Isis und Osiris" (Zauberflote)

12.Margarete Klose                              "Delilah aria" (In Deutsch) (One of my favorite artists.)

13.Renato Bruson/Katia Ricciarelli      Luisa Miller Duet

14. John Mc Cormack                             "Il mio tesoro" (the all-time greatest!)

15.Aprile Millo                                          "Poveri fiori"  (Adriana)

16.Claudia Muzio                                      "O del mio amato ben."  (Makes me CRAZY!)

17.Maria Nemeth                                      "In questa reggia" (Turandot)

18.Gallina Novikova                                 The most HILARIOUS"Drunk aria" from  La Perichole.

19.Tancredi Pasero                                   "Vi ravisso" (Sonnambula)

20.Aureliano Pertile                                  "Di quella pira."

21. Herman Prey                                        Tote Stadt aria  (Unbelievably gorgeous!)

22.Maria Reining/Hans Hotter                 Arabella Duet

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The love of the phrase, the feeling she had!!! Bless Beverly on her birthday!

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Born May 25, 1929..who dreamed what she would become????? Bless her!!!!

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Holland Festival Material, Part Two

1. Elizabeth Schwarzkopf sings Hugo Wolf (1962)  Acc. Felix de Nobel

 Morgentau, Das Voeglein, Mausfallen-Spruchlein, Wer rief dich denn,

 Nun las uns Frieden schliesen, Die Zigeunerin

2. Theresa Berganza Spanish Songs  (1962)  Acc. Felix Lavilla:

       Granados: La Maja Dolorosa (numero uno), El tra la la y el punteado,

           La Maja Dolorosa,(numero tres), El Majo Discreto

        Rodrigo:   Copillas de Belen

        Halffter:   Ay, que linda hermosa

                                   DIOS MIO!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Holland Festival Part One

A variety of material from Holland Festivals that I think you will enjoy:

1.Giulietta Simionato                    Cenerentola Finale  (1954)

2. Maria Callas                               "Ernani Involami"   (1959)

3. Luciano Pavarotti             Tebaldo's aria from "I Capuetti ed i Montecchi" (Bellini)(1966)

4.Alessandra Marc                  Empress Dream Scene from "Die Frau Ohne Schatten"  (1990)

5. Gallina Vishnevskaya in Recital (1975)  Acc. Tamas Vasary

        Tchaikovsky: "Do not believe, my friend."and "At the ball."

        Moussorgsky:  "Where art thou,little star"

        Stravinsky:        Parasha's aria from the opera "Mavra"

6.  Elly Ameling Sings Mozart  (1969):

     Das Lied der Trennung, Als Luise, Abendemfindung, An Chloe

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How can ONE WORD  (PAOLO!!!) or phrase summarize the greatness of an artist...Jan.21, 1939 (I was 3 that day)..the greatest Met broadcast ever in my mind....Lawrence Tibbett and Leonard Warren are so riveting..NO ONE does this today!!!!!!!!


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Number 15 Miscellany

More fun (I hope) for you:

1.Licia Albanese                      Pagliacci Aria

2.Zeani/Borso                         Piccolo Marat Duet  (They made them do the finale again!)

3.Vassilka Petrova                  Trovatore Aria  (send children and small animals out of the room)

4.Schwartzkopf/Jurinac/Della Casa (Sophie)   Rosenkavalier trio  (Della Casa did all three roles)

5. Mado Robin                            Lucia Mad Scene   (with High K# above R)

6. Eleanor Ross                          "Pace"

7. Bidu Sayao                    Manon Adieu  (You do not have to sound like Nilsson to be  a sensation)

8. Renata Scotto                        Adriana Phedre Declamation in Act 3

9.Irmgard Seefried                    Ariadne Composer's Aria 

10.Cesare Siepi                           Salvador Rosa Aria

11. Simionato/Di Stefano          Favorita Duet

12.Pinza/Martinelli                      Simone duet (Jan.21,1939,my third birthday)

                                    (I never forgave mom and dad for not taking me!)

13.Giuseppe Taddei                     Schicchi Aria

14.Diana Soviero                          Zaza aria (Leoncavallo)

15.Joan Sutherland                       Alcina Aria

16.Giuseppe Taccani                     Guglielmo Ratcliff aria (Mascagni)

17-18.   Richard Tucker                   Chenier aria/ Juive Cabaletta

19. Taddei                                          Fanciulla aria

20. Antonietta Stella                        Vespri Bolero

21.Franz Voelker                               Walkure act one scene  (one of my 5 fav.tenors of the past)

22.Leonard Warren                            Faust aria

23.Ludwig Weber                               Boris Monolog. (one of my 5 fav.bassos of the past)

24.Ljuba Welitsch                               Gypsy Baron aria

25. Zinka Milanov's Last "Pace" from Newark,NJ Concert in 1966 (I CRY!)

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Wagner on Francais (cedilla under the"C")

Lohengrin Scenes in French with Ninon Vallin, Marcel Journet, Martial Singher and Marjorie Lawrence, Marjorie Lawrence and Yvonne Brothier (Ortrud), Cesare Vezzani and Mireille Berthon.

This is followed by scene from Act One Walkure With Cesare Vezzani, Germaine Lubin, and in the final section Lubin and Rene Verdiere.

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Verdi Revival In the Weimar Republic

From the period 1919-1928 in Germany, there was an enormous revival of Verdi operas, and here are some selections:

1.Forza del Destino        with Meta Seinemer* and Ivar Andresen.

2.Vespri Siciliani             with Heinrich Schlusnus and Helge Roswaenge.

3. Simone Boccanegra  with Alexander Kipnis and Schlusnus

4. Don Carlo                     with Wilhelm Strienz and Seinemeyer*

5. Macbeth                       with Andresen.

   * Sadly,Meta Seinemeyer, one of the great sopranos, passed away at age 33. She would have been even a greater artist, but her career was tragically cut short by Leukemia.

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Tribute to Fedora Barbieri

In my experience, Fedora Barbieri had one of the very greatest voices, like an "organ" as it poured from her. We met in her later years, and she was  a fun lady. Here are scenes from:

Carmen,Falstaff (with Gobbi), Ballo, Samson et Delilah, Adriana Lecouvreur, Andrea Chenier, Gioconda, Trovatore (live 1951 with Warren and my beloved Kurt Baum),and songs "Nel cor piu non mi sento" and " Chi vuol la zingarella graziosa."

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