Walkure act one 1953

Walkure act one from 1953 with the young Birgit Nilsson and Set Svanholm. The conductor is Hans Schmidt Isserstadt  from Hamburg Radio.  (65 min.)

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  One of the great JOYS of my life is to have Virginia Zeani as a friend and honorary "sorella." She turns 88 on October 21, and is still active in her teaching career, and even can still hit E flats on the phone! NO ONE sings like this these days, and I know you will greatly appreciate her career and her contribution to the vocal art.

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  Dear tenor Henry Price celebrated his birthday on October 18. I wrote him that if he could survive that insane woman in the audience in1977 giving out such a scream, he could survive anything!!!

  We never found out what that was all about, but perhaps it was a rival soprano, as Ashley Putnam made her debut that evening.


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The superb tenor, Joseph Calleja, sings two selections from his newest album, "Amore." I know you will enjoy the selections which are "You raise me up" and "Musica Proibita."

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I loved the late Enrico di Giuseppe,born Oct.14,1938. He was so under-appreciated in my opinion. I once complimented him on his :high E flat" in Coq d'Or and he replied, "E NATURAL!" This finale of act one of the Saint of Bleeker Street with the wonderful Catherine Malfitano is superb!!!

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   Who can forget this man??????????????

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  Born October 12, 1935, the great Pavarotti brought so many people to opera. Yes, he became something of a "caricature' over the years, but who can deny his incredible contribution to opera..and that FABULOUS voice!

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Galliano Masini part 2

  Part Two of my tribute to one of my favorite tenors, Galliano Masini.(all selections announced.)

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Galliano Masini  Part One

Part one (I had to break this up) of a tribute to Galliano Masini, 1896-1986. A wonderful tenor!!!!!

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  Would Verdi think Galvany should calm down???????????????

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