Magda shows us how to breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here is your "homework" for today. I want you to pore over ALL your opera experience...and see if you can think of ANY MIRACLE that can compare with what the  "baby' 66 (not 65) year old Magda Olivero Does here....singing,emotion,breath control,phrasing, over-all attention to detail of the line, absolute name it....I would be hard-pressed to find anything like this lady in this rare film...and remember that  if you look on youtube you will find this  is evident in her 80's in live material.....and maybe even now at 104..well,I do not want to push it.   Life would not be the same for me without her!!!!!

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Kirsten Flagstad-1914-1939 Recordings

  (Announced)  Marvelous singing by the treasured Kirsten Flagstad in opera and song. No words can adequately describe the fabulous career of this great lady. I know you will love it.  (71 min.)

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  The great Regina Resnik was laid to rest today. I am so glad I visited with her on her 90th birthday.On August 30, she would have been 91. I lost two of my "icons" this year, Rise and Regina, but I knew Regina for over 50 years. She had a phenomenal intellect, plus a great sense of humor. I will miss her, and at least have all my memories of superb performances, live and on recordings.

 One of my friends once joked about her being so exacting in her portrayals and said, "When she enters heaven, she might complain that the pearly gates open in and not out!!"

   I will always treasure my happy memories of her, on and off stage,.

                                                        Sincerely,  Charlie

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 I feel so sorry for the new-born kid's mother as his first cries were heard about 5 blocks away!!!!!  SQUILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Ashley Putnam surely is a fine singer, and her birthday was August 10. However, my remembrance of her for the first time at her City Opera debut in 1977 is clouded by the insane lady who got up and gave a "Geschrei,"To this day,we never found out what really happened.

  I told the tenor Henry Price I was there..and he replied, "SO WAS I!!"  What a trouper!!!

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   Another example of Regina's marvelous singing!!!

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  She could do it ALL!!!  Director,producer,filmmaker,teacher,coach, and, oh YES, a huge opera career. I will miss her!!!

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Today, August 9, 2013, is a sad day for me and for all opera lovers. We have lost dear Regina Resnik, one of music's greatest icons, and a dear friend for over 50 years. Let us listen to arias and scenes from her dual career,as soprano and mezzo (announced), and spiritually thank her for all she contributed in the world of music.  Pictured is the album I made for her. (61 min.)

Rest in Peace, my dear friend.

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Regina Resnik, my friend,rest in peace.

  It is with the deepest sympathy that I announce to you the passing of my dear Regina Resnik, an icon in the world of music, and a dear friend for over 50 years. I will have more details as they come in, and will do special tributes. Regina would have turned 91 on August 30, and last August at 90, we had a lovely visit.

       My tears flow but I know she will be in my heart forever.



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