Have you ever wanted to yell at some idiot(s) at the opera who talk,eat,text, and annoy you? I am happy Patti blasted this guy for taking a FLASH photo!

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Turandot  Rome 1985

Turandot from 1985, Rome with Gwyneth Jones,Diana Soviero, Nicola Martinucci, Alessandro Corbelli. Great Performance!! (72 min)

Podcasts have returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leonie Rysanek tears up the stage in a scene from act two Jenufa...There cannot today EXIST anything of this nature!!!!! LORD! How we miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 This is why Dolora Zajick is so UNIQUE these days.Even at 60, and with Asthma, she drives us NUTS with that fabulous voice, a throwback to the "biggies" I used to hear. She has FUN!!!!

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Here is the Comte D'Ory aria sung by our newest discovery, Pretty Yende. She has thrilled NY audiences these weeks.!!!

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Our new sensation from S.Afrika..Pretty Yende, who replaced Nino Machaidze on short notice in the Met "Comte D'Ory." What a wonderful lady!!!!! a true STAR!!!!

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Could we cast my favorite film as an OPERA?? Every time Madeline LeBeau utters the words, "Mugir ces feroces soldats," with the tears streaming down her face, it gets to me...every time...

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  Still some glitches on the podcast site....I will "entertain" you meanwhile with some more videos..Thanks for your patience.


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Now LOOK, it is nice to have some smaller opera groups perform for an audience. I think Mr.Gelb should give serious consideration to changing the new Ballo to this cast and production. Note how the Riccardo cannot get the papers out of his pocket..that is even funnier than his singing..I think!)

I know..I am mean!  However, this just made my day!!!!!

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                             Sweet memories of Funny Renata "Tosca Quotes"

       Renata was so funny and I recall some of her humorous quotes, both from Tosca:

1. At a big hotel party, she grabbed the knife to cut the cake and exclaimed,    

"Questo il bacio di Tosca!!"

2. When we saw her off on the train to Philly.(The Met went there on Tuesdays), the baggage handler opened the door of the open last car where she stood, and she said, "Spoleta,CHIUDI!"

      I will add that when us kiddies sat in the first row at Carnegie for a Bell Tel.Hr. appearance, she looked down at us, winked, and then DESTROYED the place by starting the "Inflammatus!" We felt the show was just for us.

  This act two Fanciulla scene in 1970 caused us to tear programs and throw them down!!!!!

     So how can anyone not think of her the way we all did..and still do????

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