Adriana Lecouvreur with Leyla Gencer

 Another example of the versatilty and artistry of Leyla Gencer, "Queen of the Pirates." This is an Adriana from Naples, 1966, Under Oliviero di Fabritiis. The cast also features Amadeo Zambon, Enzo Sordello, and Adriana Lazzarini.  (70 min.)

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Renata Scotto Sings Songs of Verdi

 For a little change of pace, I present a series of songs as written by Giuseppe Verdi.(Announced.) They are sung by Renata Scotto, accompanied by Vincenzo Scalera in 1989  (50 min.)

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  Ruby Helder, Female Tenor!!!!!!!!

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    The two girls teach you what  exciting singing is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Another "innovative' production of La Boheme,from Salzburg 2012.This is coming out next month on DVD and Blue Ray. It features two of the greatest artists of today, Anna Netrebko and Piotr Beczala. I think you might consider purchasing it ,unless you are a purist.(I used to be.)

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  My darling friend, Marisa Galvany, lost her husband, George Kornbluth last week. In his memory,I would like to present this video, thinking that wherever dear George is, he is recalling all the beautiful days with Marisa and all who loved him. He was a wonderful man, and we shall miss him.



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Un Ballo in Maschera 1940

  This is a most exciting Ballo from 1940 under Ettore Panizza, featuring Zinka Milanov, Jussi Bjoerling,Alexander Sved, Bruna Castagna, and Stella Andreva. (70 min.). Why didn't mommy take me, even though I was only 4!!!

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Even in concert, the remarkable Leonie manages one of her famous GESCHREIS!!!! Did you know the union of stage hands got mad because they could not get any overtime;this is because Leonie rolled around in the dust, and they were not needed!! (Well,figuratively, anyway.)

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On her birthday, let us remember the sensational Leonie Rysanek, one of the greatest artists in opera history. Yes, she had her flaws, especially in Italian repertory, but she made roles like Senta,the Empress, Sieglinde,etc. totally unforgettable. We will not see her like again!!!!

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The Sensational Mexico 1951 Aida

 As I indicated in my spoken commentary, sometimes you forget, with all the material available, just how some performances stay in your memory, and how unbelievably exciting the Mexico 1951 Aida was. Here is a mini-podcast of most of act three with Callas,Del Monaco, and Taddei. Sorry, they do not make them like this anymore!!!!  (24 min.)

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