Some artists can "read the telephone directory" and make a fabulous impression. The late Maria Callas, born Dec.2 (or 3?), 1923, was such an artist. We all know of her flaws and her stormy life, but her legacy will live forever in the hearts of true music-lovers.

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OK friends....tell us what is "different" about this rendition....(Hint: Get a pitchpipe.)

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Another Callas' clip for her birthday.This was from one of the last recitals (with Di Stefano).Note she has to sing more chest voice...It is so sad...One of the greats at the end, but the feeling will never fade!!!!!.

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Juan Diego Flores Recital

 From New York City in 1994, I bring you the radiant voice of the superb Peruvian tenor, Juan Diego Flores, a man who sings as gloriously as anyone I have ever heard.

  Included (announced) are songs and arias by Bellini,Rossini,Donizetti, Gluck, Morales, Serrano, and Tosti.    (70 minutes).

Note that the only times that encores have been allowed at the Met is when Flores sang the Fille du Reeggiment aria (with 18 high C's) and on a broadcast of Elisir, where he repeated the "Una furtiva lagrima."  This is a rarity in New York Met opera.

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  What is left to say about this legend? Yes, we know all about her flaws, personal difficulties, but what remains forever is a legacy of a phenomenal contribution that will never be forgotten. Here is the first of a series of clips for your personal remembrances and in tribute to her.

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Gedda is now 87...This is rather recent......Not sure when..but the man is a VOCAL GOD!!!!!

Dedicated to another ageless singer, Martha Eggerth (now 100).

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Mme.Butterfly with Renata Scotto

One of the very last exponents of truly emotional style and careful attention to the delicacy of phrasing in opera has been Renata Scotto. This 1967 Radio Turino Butterfly from 1967 under Artuto Basile is an example of her great artistry, despite some of the top notes that were often a bit problematical as the years passed.he is 33 here, but for many more years her Butterfly remained  possibly the greatest of them all.She is joined by Renato Cioni,Franca Mattiucci, and Alberto Rinaldi. (71 min.)

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Die Fledermaus from 1938

 A delightful Die Fledermaus from Stuttgart Radio, 1938 under Gustav Goerlich.The cast includes Margarete Teschemacher (Rosalinda), Peter Anders (Alfred), Karl Mikorey (Eisenstein), Einar Kristjansson (Orlovsky), Martina Wulf (Adele), and Karl Schmitt-Walter (Dr.Falke.).

   In act two the guests are Erna Berger, Peter Anders, Maria Reining, and Esther Rethy.  (70 min.)

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   Darling miraculous Magda Olivero turns 103 on March 25. She will speak in that gorgeous "verismo Italian" when I call her...Hard to imagine a world without this beautiful spirit!!!!

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Don Carlo 1961, Part Two.

 Here is part two of the Vienna 1961 Son Carlo  (51 min.)

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