Rigoletto Part Two

All fixed!!!!! Here is part 2 of the Rigoletto

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A Great Rigoletto,Part One

Part One of a 1972 Rigoletto with a stellar cast under Richard Bonynge. Featured are Sherrill Milnes,Luciano Pavarotti,Joan Sutherland, Ruggero Raimondi, and Batyah Godfrey.  (55 min.)

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I think if we counted up all the tears that Puccini,born Dec.23, 1858, has provided to the opera world, we might have another "Pacific Ocean." Bless forever what he has given us!!!!

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   Music for the Holiday Season (announced), as sung by famous artists. I know you will enjoy the selections and I wish you all the happiest holiday season!! (62 min.)

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At 66, still able to thrill us! Gruberova born Dec.22, 1946. A bit eccentric vocal production,but the way she gets to the top...is wild..That kind of "scoop." One of the most adored singers!!!!!

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 One of my saddest days, and a sad day for opera lovers, was Dec.19, 2004, when we lost our beloved Renata Tebaldi. My memories are still so vivid of her incredible singing, and the relationship we had over the years, with those "birthday phone calls' I made to her in the later years. The love she spread on stage and off stage was something none of us "kids" could ever forget, and we will think of her fondly for the rest of our lives.

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  Born on Dec.19, 1863, Milka Ternina was the teacher of my beloved Zinka Milanov, who just texted me and said, "I VAS BETTER!!!"

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Birgit Nilsson in Recitals

The miraculous Birgit Nilsson is heard in recitals from Australia and New York. Selections are announced on the podcast. I do not believe ANYONE in opera history could produce tones like her!!! (70 glorious minutes.)

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Let us pause for a moment or two and think of the horrendous tragedy that occured this week in the school in Connecticut. Even if I was not a teacher and loved kids the way I do, it is just mind-boggling to think of what occurred, and we should spend a moment of reflection to remember the poor little kids and the teachers who are no long with us physically, but will always be in spirit.

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Not as appreciated as i feel she should be, Raina Kabaiwanska was born on Dec.15, 1934. The feeling, the style, the love of the vocal line are special,if not a great tone. I really recommend you watch some more Youtube videos.

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