Born August 16, 1951 , Rolandi STEALS THE SHOW at a City Opera Cenerentola, when they added an aria we never hear. It is a RIOT!!!!!

  Remember, until the podcasts are repaired, you will get some videos to entertain you..besides, I can rest my voice.(Aren't you lucky!!)

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Yes, I love to go to the opera..BUT I do know what we will never experience again. (This is in the regular key,by the way).    LORD!!!!! Do not tell me there is anything like this today!!!!!

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The dear unforgettable Renata Tebaldi, who filled our young lives on and off stage with the most beautiful loving personality and great artistry one could imagine. I miss her so!!!!

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Carmen Melis, teacher of Renata Tebaldi, was born Aug.16, 1885. Here is an example of her work, and she certainly had a fabulous pupil.

  I am having some upload problems, so until I have solved them, I will regale you with some videos to keep you out of trouble.

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The first commercial recording of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, featuring Camilla Williams and  Lawrence Winters in the title roles, with Avon Long as Sportin' Life, Inez Matthews as Serena, June McMechen as Clara, and Warren Coleman as Crown. The conductor is Lehman Engel. (60 min.)

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The "Tackle Tenor."

  My dear friend Ta'u Pupu'a, a native of Tonga, and former pro-football player. He "tackles" opera like the star he was at the sport. His career is blossoming, and here are some rehearsal excerpts from Tosca,Carmen, Turandot, and the terribly difficult Mahler "Das Lied von der Erde." We wish him the best as he embarks on an exciting career.(and I knew him "when.)   (18 min.)

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Leontyne Price's Opera Debut as Tosca

The opera debut, on NBC TV in 1955, of Leontyne Price, in an abridged English version of Tosca. This historic performance features David Poleri, Josh Wheeler, and a newcomer named Thomas Stewart as Angelotti. The conductor is Peter Herman Adler.    (72 min.)

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Il Tabarro

An Exciting Il Tabarro from 1946 under Cesare Sodero, with Licia Albanese, Lawrence Tibbett, Frederick Jagel, Margaret Harshaw, Alessio de Paolis, and Virgilio Lazzari. This is followed by some 1970 scenes from Il Tabarro from Florence, with Magda Olivero, Aldo Bottion, and Giulio Fioravanti,under the direction of Gaetano Delogu.  (72 min.)

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A Thrilling Rigoletto

From 1967 under Lamberto Gardelli, a wonderful Rigoletto starring Cornell MacNeil,Nicolai Gedda, Roberta Peters, Bonaldo Giaiotti, and Belen Amparan. You will love this!! (72 min.)

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  You know by now what I think of Piotr Beczala and Anna Netrebko, artists who would be accepted as magnificent in ANY opera era. I just wanted to show anyone who may not have seen today's telecast of Manon why my eyes filled with tears!!!! To my "jaded' ears, this was a great triumph, and I hope you enjoy it.

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