They finally got rid of that

HORRRRRID Met Traviata.Here is a

rehearsal of the new one.

Grazie a Dio…..

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Just discovered her.....I have to find that


Category:general -- posted at: 10:36pm EDT

  I just sent this to Muzio at

http:// She will look

her up (way up) because she always admired

singers with great breath control.

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3/13/77  How I discovered the

new Tebaldi!!!!! Diana Soviero has

been my friend all this time...and

she received my tape of her Mimi

on Mar.19..he and my ma's birthdays!

Two great divas in my life.

BUT  with Pav I told her to wear

metal underwear!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing Mado Robin with high

Z sharp above R!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 5:01pm EDT

Happy Anniversary to the Rameys, Sam

and L:indsay.....two sweet people. Sam

and I go way back to 1970 Bolena, and

Lindsay gets a medal for marrying such

a DEVIL!!!! Love to them both.


Category:general -- posted at: 3:50pm EDT

Virginia and MacNeil in

a truly great duet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 4:06pm EDT

Maria Galvany 1906  NOT SPEEDED UP!



    Can you do it??????????????????????

Category:general -- posted at: 5:25pm EDT

The great Luisa Tetrazzzini, born on

June 29, 1871 singers w.Caruso!!!!!

I love this lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 3:07pm EDT

So sad she deteriorated so quickly. Anna

Moffo, 6/27/32 was so gorgeous and we

loved her...but it did not last!  A shame!!!!

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