More of the great lady!!!!!! I called

every birthday.I am "calling" you now..

Category:general -- posted at: 10:51am EST

Her Met debut 1/31/55. I FROZE

from 6:00 A.M. Her first line ended

with "soave" and we all said, "Zinka who???"

Not really..but imagine Zinka, Renata,

Stella in the same season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:35am EST

In opera history, who else could combine

volume and beauty.We used to run after the limo as she yelled CIAO out the window. One

night I got impaled on a fire hydrant and

almost became a castrato senza coglioni!!!!

I called you every birthday and I am "calling"

you NOW.  GOD BLESS my Renata!!!!


Category:general -- posted at: 10:27am EST

On last "amore" my friend hit me in

the ribs....he got scared at the sound!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:21am EST


Top started to get what!

I cannot hold back my tears!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:19am EST

She rose from the chair on "Ma" and

then when she got to "E MIO" it was a

WAGNERIAN sound...Note the little

"breath" before the "ma". MIO DIO!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:16am EST

Last note is closest to the way she

sounded live.    Wagnerian

volume, like a jet plane!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:09am EST

My darling friend Renata Tebaldi

made our lives so happy. I miss

that wonderful great Renata,

whose Desdemona debut was 1/31/55. and when we met

her on 2/1, we did not know

it was her birthday. NO ONE

made us happier.Her shows

were events of LOVE!!!!!


Category:general -- posted at: 10:02am EST

I met him when I discovered Soviero in 1977.

When I complimented him on the way he

ended the opera "Mimi..." he said he did

appreciate what I said more than speaking

of his high C. Shows great artistry.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:56pm EST

  We did an outside one where a mosquito

landed on her nose.....but she went

one with that e flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:22pm EST

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