I had only heard Caruso do this aria

and suddenly here is my beloved

favorite singer, Piotr Beczala, doing

it. This guy thrills me more than

his idol,Nicolai Gedda. Before he

did his first Lohengrin,I did give

him the CD set of Gedda's only one.

Very few singers today remind me of

my "Golden Age" from my youth.


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But WHY did he decide to RUIN one

of the greatest voices of the century??

He started to "open" the top too

low...Perche?He was  GOD when

in his prime!!!!

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I was there when Licia (at 57) kissed the

Met stage after her aria. She was born 7/22/09.

Died at 105. I walked with tiny Licia at a

Soviero affair..Like walking with history.

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Sweetest thing anyone could

say to me. Alagna said, "I can

see in your eyes how you love


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Category:general -- posted at: 12:22pm EDT

Asian lands produce greatness. The

Loge especially...but all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This type of emotion is UNKNOWN today

for the most part...…………………...


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  Come on, Enrico...why didn't you

  want to sing with him??? This is


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Along with the Rosenkavalier trio,

this for me is the most SUBLIME

opera scene...just the way Jones

WALKS at 7:00 makes me cry a river!

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  This wonderful man died onstage 

at only 51.(I saw Warren die on stage

at 49). I can see,from 1957, how Martha

Moedl sank into his arms in Walkure.

Wonderful Wozzeck(excellent English.)

Warem voice and great artist.

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