A Special Tribute to Marcello Giordani, a Great Tenor

  On occasion, even a jaded opera lover like me finds joy
  in discovering a great voice. I find that Signor Giordani
  is one of the great singers in my opera-going experience
  and I am pleased to present live scenes from various operas
  that feature him:

Favorita, Manon, Romeo ,Huguenots, Gioconda, Ballo,
William Tell(with a BIS!!), Adriana Lecouvreur.

                             (85 minutes)

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 Che tua madre


A comparison (quiz) of 13 sopranos singing the heartbeaking
second act scene "Che tua madre" from Puccini's Mme.Butterfly.

                                 (54 minutes)

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The Norma Act One Trio

A comparison of 14 renditions of the trio from act one of
 Bellini's Norma, featuring :

Callas, Sills, Cigna, Milanov, Hunter, Cerquetti, Deutekom,
Galvany,Goerke, Flanigan, Scotto, and Suliotis

                             (60 minutes)


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Attila for Collectors

Selections from Charlie's favorite early Verdi opera.

In the Attila compilation, the following artists are featured:

Gilda Cruz-Romo, Mara Zampieri, Caterina Mancini, Rita Orlandi, Lauren Flanigan, Elizabeth Rethberg,Marisa Galvany,Julia Varady,
Antonietta Stella, Igor Gorin, Piero Cappuccilli,Vladimir Chernov,
Nicolai Ghiaurov, Ezio Pinza, Gianfranco Cecchele,Beniamino Gigli,
Enrico di Giuseppe, Francisco Casanova,Sam Ramey (in photo)

                                (77 minutes) 

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 The Rosenkavalier Trio

A pot-pourri of 12 different renditions of the famous
final trio from Strauss' sublime "Der Rosenkavalier."

Selections are announced on the podcast for your edification.

Artists include:  Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Viorica Ursuleac,
 Regine Crespin, Lotte Lehmann, Eleanor Steber,  Helge Dernesch, Renee Fleming, Elizabeth Grummer, Lisa della Casa (in all three roles),
Gundula Janowitz, Elizabeth Soederstrom, Rise Stevens,
Sena Jurinac, Tiana Lemnitz, Susan Graham, Frances Bible,
Jarmila Novotna, Birgitte Fassbaender, Erna Berger, Lucia Popp,
Hilde Gueden, Marita Farell, Judith Raskin, Anne Elgar,
Ileana Cotrubas, Anneliese Rothenberger, and Barbara Bonney

                               (74 minutes)


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Boris is Good Enuff!!!!!

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This podcast features scenes from Mussorgsky's great work,
     "Boris Godunov." The artists include:

Cesare Siepi, George London, Norman Treigle, Sam Ramey,
Alexander Kipnis, Ludwig Weber, Mark Reizen, Ezio Pinza,
Martha Moedl, Eugenia Zareska, Kerstin Thorborg,
Nicolai Gedda, Leonard Warren, and Benno Kusche


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Handelmania : Una Furtiva has been REPAIRED!!!!!!

  THEY FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Let me know if the "Una Furtiva" quiz sounds all right. I published it in a different speed,and want to make sure it is still fine as to sound.

                       I missed you...but those things occur!!!!!!!!

                                       My best  Charlie

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 "D'Amor sull'ali rosee" Comparison


   A comparison of 12 sopranos singing the great aria,

    "D'amor sull'ali rosee" from Il Trovatore

               (75 minutes)

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25 More Di Quella Piras

Another  comparison of the aria "Di quella pira," as a quiz for you to guess at least some of them. The photo is of the great Kurt Baum as Enzo. Dig those legs!

(58 minutes)

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Die Frau Ohne Schatten, a great opera!

Scenes from the magnificent Richard Strauss opera,featuring
Leonie Rysanek, Birgit Nilsson,  Ingrid Bjoener, Sabine Hass,
James King, Irene Dalis, Regina Resnik, Christa Ludwig,
Placido Domingo, Inge Borkh, Hildegard Hillebrecht,
Franz Grundheber, Walter Berry, Hanna Schwarz,
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, and Eleanor Steber

   (68 minutes)

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"Come Scoglio"


  A Comparison of 11 sopranos singing "COME SCOGLIO"
from Mozart's "Cosi Fan Tutte."

I am not listing the names below,since some listeners wish to try to guess them from the podcast.

 (68 minutes)


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A Birthday tribute to Jose Van Dam (8/25/40)

 An affectionate birthday tribute to Jose Van Dam,
 one of the world's most versatile and truly superb
 artists. Selections include music by:

Verdi, Wagner, Mozart, Mahler, Schumann,
             Bizet, Ibert, R.Strauss

(74 minutes)

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Janet Baker Birthday Tribute


 Janet Baker,one of the world's greatest artists, was
 born on August 21, 1933. I present a tribute to her
 featuring songs and arias by Handel, Mozart, Pergolesi,
 Schubert, Donizetti, Wagner, and Elgar.

(43 minutes)



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Famous German and Viennese Singers

A Collection of famous German (and Viennese) artists:

Julius Patzak, Leo Slezak, Franz Voelker,Margarete Klose,
Maria Olszewska, Karen Branzell, Wilhelm Rode,
Emil Scipper, Hans Hotter, Heinrich Schlusnus,
Michael Bohnen, Georg Hann, Hilde Gueden,
Frida Leider, Erna Berger, Tiana Lemnitz,
Maria Cebotari.

(78 minutes)

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"Amor ti Vieta" with 15 tenors.

A comparison, in the form of a quiz, of 15 tenors singing
the aria "Amor ti vieta" from Umberto Giordano's "Fedora."

You might enjoy using this podcast for an opera party in
order to test your fellow opera buddies!

       (44 minutes)

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Six Tenors' Birthdays

A Birthday Tribute to Six Famous Tenors    

Leon Escalais     8/8/1859
Cesare Vezzani   8/8/1886
Ferruccio Tagliavini   8/14/13
Leo Slezak           8/18/1873
Helge Roswaenge  8/29/1897
Ramon Vinay        8/31/1911

(57 Minutes)

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Operatic Doctors

Selections from operas where a doctor (or a so-called doctor) 
is involved in the action. Operas include:

Elisir d"amore, Macbeth, Forza del Destino, Traviata
Don Pasquale, Barbiere di Siviglia, Gianni Schicchi,
Cosi Fan Tutte, Wozzeck Nozze di Figaro, Vanessa
Tales of Hoffmann. 

(64 minutes)

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Golden Moments in Puccini Operas

Giacomo Puccini was a composer whose operas tugged at our heartstrings. There are so many emotional moments in his works,and here I include one scene from each of his operas,featuring:

Renata Scotto(in photo), Diana Soviero, Renata Tebaldi,
Virginia Zeani, Julia Varady, Krassimira Stoyanova,
Beverly Sills, Christina Gallardo-Domas, Magda Olivero,
Leontyne Price, Dorothy Kirsten, Richard Tucker,
Placido Domingo, Jerry Hadley, and Giovanni Inghilleri

(72 minutes)

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Klose-Reining-Janowitz Birthdays


Maria Reining                  Born 8/7/03

Gundula Janowitz            Born 8/2/37

Margarete Klose (photo)   Born 8/7/1899


                           (43 minutes)

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Golden Moments,Part One


Some of the most affecting scenes from various operas:

Walkure, Siegfried, Peter Grimes, Nozze di Figaro,
Saint of Bleecker Street, Elektra, Rosenkavalier,
Die Frau Ohne Schatten, Ariadne, Arabella,
Parsifal, and Porgy and Bess

(69 minutes)

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July Birthdays-4

Birthday tributes to four wonderful artists:

Apollo Granforte         7/29/1886

Ludwig Weber  (in photo)    7/29/1899

Gottlob Frick               7/28/06

Olga Borodina              7/29/63

                               (68 minutes)

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Mario Del Monaco tribute on his Birthday  7/27/15


A birthday tribute to the very great tenor, Mario del Monaco.
Included are selections from:

Aida, Carmen, Ernani, Andrea Chenier, Otello, Pagliacci,
Fanciulla, Turandot, Il Tabarro, Macbeth.

                                 (62 minutes)

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C'est MAGNIFIQUE!!!   Regine Crespin.


A tribute to the magnificent Regine Crespin, one of the
finest divas in opera history. Selections from:

Walkure, Aida, Hoffmann, Dutchman, Troyens,
Carmen, Tosca, and several songs

(75 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-07-26-23-54-44.mp3
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Eugenia Burzio, Olympia Boronat, Maria Nemeth,
Dusolina Giannini, Germaine Martinelli, Rosetta Pampanini
Margarete Teschemacher, Gertrude Grob-Prandl,
Claudia Novikova, Rosanna Carteri, Ellen Faull,
Luisa Maragliano, Lois Marshall, Irene Jordan,
and Rebecca Evans

                           (57 minutes)

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Less-familiar Puccini Material

A podcast dedicated to some of the somewhat lesser-known Puccini
material. It includes some songs, a cantata for tenor, orchestral music,
and arias from Rondine,Edgar, Le Villi, and La Rondine, plus the
Berio ending from Turandot.

   (Photo: Puccini statue at Lucca)         (64 min.)

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Lucrezia Borgia


A series of scenes and arias from Donizetti's "Lucrezia Borgia,"
featuring some very fine artists such as:

Leyla Gencer, Joan Sutherland, Beverly Sills, Mariella Devia,
Clara Butt, Tatiana Troyanos, Montserrat Caballe, Alain Vanzo,
Giuseppe Filianoti, Gaetano Scano, Jose Carreras, and
Bonaldo Giaiotti.

                              (52 minutes)

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Birthdays for July ( No.3)

 A Happy Birthday tribute to Three Great Artists:

Herman Uhde  (July 20, 1914)

Licia Albanese  (July 2, 1913)

Susan Graham  (July 23, 1960)

Giuseppe Di Stefano  (July 24, 1921)

                             (77 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-07-20-10-25-30.mp3
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Scenes from mostly lesser-known operas in the "Verismo" style:

Iris, Risurrezione, L'Amico Fritz, Piccolo Marat, Gloria,
Loreley, Francesca da Rimini, L'Amore de Tre Re,
and the Leoncavallo Boheme.

 ( 72 minutes)

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OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A collection of material that illustrates how opera singers can sometimes
become so in love with their own voices, that they forget that the
composers would sock them in the mouth if they were alive.

 Also included are some rather delusional people who have cracked up
 even the most serious opera enthusiast.

Whether you like it or not, you cannot say this boring!!!!!!

PHOTO:  Tim Rogerson's painting, "Over the Top."

                                  (71 minutes)

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A Birthday Tribute to the Great Eleanor Steber (Born July 17, 1914)

Arias as sung by the very great Eleanor Steber on the occasion
of her birthday. Selections from:

Frau, Ernani, Cosi Fan Tutte, Don Giovanni, Tosca,
Seraglio, Arabella, The Telephone, Mignon, Idomeneo,
and the "Alleluja" from the Esultate Jubilate

(55 minutes)

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"M'ami..m'ami!"  The Ballo Duet

An exciting comparison podcast of various artists in
 the love duet from Verdi's "Un Ballo in Maschera."


Callas/Di Stefano                   Welitsch/Picchi
Castellani/Del Monaco            Milanov/Bjoerling
Nilsson/Tucker                      Crespin/Bergonzi

                               (76 minutes)

*** You have expressed interest in Galvany..so go to my Youtube site and see more Nabucco!!


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July Birthdays- Part two

Our second podcast dedicated to artists who celebrate birthdays
in the month of July:

July 11: 

            Mattiwilda Dobbs (1925)
            Nicolai Gedda  (1925) (in photo)
            Ludmilla Dvorakova (1923)
            Herman Prey     (1929)
            Ebe Stignani  (1903)

July 12:

            Kirsten Flagstad  (1895)
            Gloria Lane   (1925)

                                    (71 minutes)

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The Aida Judgement Scene, Part One

Ten versions of the finale of the exciting Aida "Judgement Scene."

The artists featured include:

Giulietta Simionato (in photo), Fedora Barbieri, Rita Gorr,
Elena Obratsova, Marisa Galvany, Fiorenza Cossotto,
Barbro Ericson, Oralia Dominguez, Bruna Castagna,
Shirley Verrett.

(83 chesty minutes)


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Some Marvelous Verdi Trios

   A podcast dedicated to the great trios written by the Master,
   Giuseppe Verdi. I include trios from:

  Aida, Trovatore, I Lombardi and Jerusaleme, Attila, Nabucco,
   Don Carlo, Luisa Miller, Simon Boccanegra, Ernani, and
   La Forza del Destino.

                            (Not a bad "trio" in the photo.)

                                      60 minutes

Direct download: 2006-07-06-21-58-23.mp3
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You vant Petrova?? Vell, you got her!!!!

 I just spoke to Zinka, who vishes you a happy Fourth of July, and she vants to tell you that since she is coaching Vassilka Petrova (I think she is dead)...Vell, she vants to see if it helped...So here are two arias she just recorded.

          Let me know your comments so I can tell her if she is a good teacher up there (or down there...) 

(8 delusional minutes of pleasure)

P.S. Birgit got very angry at me when I told her I spliced in the great Petrova high unnatural B that ends "La Mamma Morta' into her "In questa reggia." (I will someday podcast it)

Direct download: 2006-07-03-22-19-35.mp3
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A Truly Remarkable Performance of Janacek's "Jenufa."

   The Carnegie Hall audience goes totally ballistic at this
   1988 OONY performance of Jenufa, starring the amazing
   Leonie Rysanek, Gabriella Benackova, and Wieslaw Ochman

 (44 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-07-02-17-48-53.mp3
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July Birthdays (Part One)

Celebration of the birthdays of some important artists:

Peter Anders  7/1/08     Bianca Scaciatti  7/3/1894
Birgitte Fassbaender  7/3/39 Herman Jadlowker 7/5/1877
Willy Treffner  7/5/03  Matti Salminen 7/7/45
Eberhard Waechter 7/9/29  Sergei Lemeshev 7/10/02
Josephine Veasey 7/10/30  Ljuba Welitsch(photo) 7/10/13

(53 minutes)

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The Beloved Olive Middleton in Adriana Lecouvreur

What true opera lover can resist our darling Olive Middleton,
a cult figure at New York's (in)famous La Puma Opera in the 60's.( the 1960's).   So what if she sang about three tones flat and had no teeth? She was adored,as you will hear on this brief (Thank GOD) podcast

 (15 glorious minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-30-00-45-56.mp3
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Dorothy Kirsten Tribute. She was born on July 6, 1910

  When Dorothy Kirsten passed away in 1992, we learned
  she was actually about 9 years older than originally believed.
   This is even more amazing,considering how fresh and clear
   she sounded in 1974 and beyond.

The selections are from:  Thais, Fanciulla, Rondine, Butterfly,
 Louise, Tosca,La Rondine and she also sings Gershwin's
 "Someone To Watch Over  Me." Kirsten had an uncanny
  ability NOT to sound 'operatic' in pop music!

   (38 minutes)


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Twelve Wonderful Baritones


Selections by 12 famous baritones:

Robert Merrill, Hugo Hasslo, Gabriel Bacquier,
Theodore Uppman, Heinrich Schlusnus,
Giuseppe Danise, Ettore Bastianini,Igor Gorin,
Mattia Battistini, John Charles Thomas,
Riccardo Stracciari, Pavel Lisitsian (in photo)
(50 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-29-13-25-29.mp3
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Some famous Divas

Arias sung by 15 famous divas of the recent past:

Montserrat Caballe, Arlene Auger, Maria Callas,
Kiri Te Kanawa, Virginia Zeani, Eda Moser,
Maria Chiara, Regine Crespin, Renata Scotto,
Catherine Malfitano, Margaret Price,Rene Fleming,
Anita Cerquetti, Pilar Lorengar,Ileana Cotrubas 

(73 minutes)


Direct download: 2006-06-29-00-55-29.mp3
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A Birthday Tribute to Luisa Tetrazzini,born June 29,1871

 Arias as sung by one of the greatest divas in opera history.

  Included are arias from Traviata, Ballo, Sonnambula,
  Les Huguenots, La Perle du Bresil, Semiramide, Vespri,
  Rosalinda (Veracini), and the Proch Variations.

                                   (37 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-26-22-27-08.mp3
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The Great Diva, Martha Moedl

   Opera Scenes featuring the great Martha Moedl,a lady
    who could "read the Dresden Telephone Directory" and
     still captivate audiences!!!!

 Scenes from : Macbeth, Parsifal, Walkure, Gotterdamerung,
    Pirates of Penzance, Elektra, Tristan und Isolde, and songs.


Also see Youtube Pique dame Clip at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcZsI6pBpQg

                                  (53 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-26-12-43-57.mp3
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I Luvs You,Porgy!!!!!

Scenes from  George Gershwin's "Porgy & Bess,"
   featuring many wonderful artists such as:

 Todd Duncan, Anne Brown, Camilla Williams, Avon Long,
Helen Jepson, Lawrence Tibbett, Robert Merrill, Inez Matthews,
Cynthia Clarey, Willard White, Leontyne Price, Renee Fleming,
Kiri Te Kanawa, and Paul Robeson

 (52 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-24-11-55-12.mp3
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Tribute to Lotte Lehmann


     Songs, scenes, and arias as sung by Lotte Lehmann, one of
     the greatest artists in opera history. A tribute to a great lady!

(55 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-23-15-29-34.mp3
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Great French Tenors-part One

    A magnificent array of fifteen tenors of the French school.
     Included in this collection are:

Georges Thill, Paul Franz, Giuseppe Lugo, Jose Luccioni,
Leon Escalais, Cesar Vezzani, Leon Campagnola,,
Marius Corpait, Jose de Trevi, Charles Friant,
Gaston Micheletti, Rene LaPelletrie, Rene Verdiere,
Josef Rogatchewsky, and Emile Marcellin

(62 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-23-13-41-40.mp3
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Twenty Marvelous Tenors of the Past

A collection of arias sung by 20 of the greatest tenors
in opera history. Included are:

Caruso, Gigli, Martinelli, Slezak, McCormack, Pertile,
Tamagno, Escalais, Jadlowker, Roswaenge, Ershov,
Lemeshev, Sobinov, Widdop, Tauber, Schmidt,
Bonci, De Muro, Cortis, Piccaver.

                            (60 Minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-20-17-51-15.mp3
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Tchaikovsky's Less-known,but beautiful "Yolanta"

Several scenes from this lesser-known,but nevertheless
beautiful work. Featured in the scenes are

Yolanta:     Galina Vishneskaya, Michaela Gurevich,
                      and Galina Gorchakova

King Rene:     Nicolai Ghiaurov, Sergei Alexashkin,                         
                       and Gheorghi Seleznev

Vaudemont:       Nicolai Gedda and Gegam Grigorian 

Robert        Dmitri Hvorostovsky

                                   (50 minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-20-01-18-18.mp3
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Donizetti's "La Favorita."

Many selections from this exciting Donizetti work,
featuring scenes and arias with the following artists:

Alfredo Kraus, Beniamino Gigli, Robert Lasalle,
Giuseppe Anselmi, Luciano Pavarotti, Giulio Neri
Mattia Battistini, Piero Cappuccilli, Marcello Giordani,
Giuseppe Di Stefano, Franco Corelli, Regina Resnik,
Fiorenza Cossotto, Giulietta Simionato, Ebe Stignani

(64 Minutes)

Direct download: 2006-06-19-13-55-05.mp3
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A Happy Operatic Fathers' Day Program

   Several operatic scenes involving fathers.Music from:

La Traviata, Aida, Walkure, Norma, Luisa Miller,
Louise, Nozze di Figaro, Turandot, Manon,Rigoletto

Direct download: 2006-06-18-00-39-44.mp3
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Happy Birthday (June 19) to Marisa Galvany

A birthday tribute to the marvelous Marisa Galvany, one of
the most exciting divas in opera history. Selections from:

Norma, Aida, Nabucco, Medea, Traviata, Attila, Ballo,
Trovatore, Anna Bolena, Turandot

We thank Mme.Galvany for so many years of very great singing!!!!

Direct download: 2006-06-17-18-33-35.mp3
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Opera Craziness-Part Two

Still more insane happenings on opera stages and in the
studio. Perfect for opera parties or if you feel like taking
time off from Pelleas et Melisande.


Direct download: 2006-06-16-02-17-13.mp3
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A Collector's Luisa Miller

Scenes and arias from Verdi's "Luisa Miller" featuring
  many fine artists such as:

Sondra Radvanovsky, Montserrat Caballe, Aprile Millo,
Antonietta Stella, Nelly Miricioiu, Richard Tucker,
Jose Carreras, Giuseppe Anselmi, Alessandro Bonci,
Luciano Pavarotti, Sherrill Milnes, Vladimir Chernov,
Vladimir Galouzine, Piero Cappuccilli,& Giorgio Tozzi


Direct download: 2006-06-14-00-12-05.mp3
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The Very Great Enrico Caruso-Part One

 Ten selections from the enormous output of this legendary artist.


   Words have always failed me when I attempt to describe the
depth of my admiration...idolization...for this remarkable tenor
who left us all too soon, but whose legacy will remain with us
all our lives.

Direct download: 2006-06-13-22-47-08.mp3
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"Pace,Pace"- Part two

   Part two of the comparison of sopranos singing the famous
   "Pace,pace' from Verdi's "La Forza del Destino."

You have to guess who is singing, so I will not post the names.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                  


Direct download: 2006-06-13-01-50-54.mp3
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Happy Birthday to Rise Stevens, born June 11, 1913


(Photo: Rise posed with every single member of her music club at our last gathering out on the island at Westhampton Beach, New York..This was followed by everyone being thrown into the swimming pool.(Except me..I never learned to swim!)

Direct download: 2006-06-13-00-28-58.mp3
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Singers Whose Birthdays are in June

Our Happy Birthday tribute to the opera stars born in June.

Fedora Barbieri-6/4/20     

Joel Berglund-6/4/03
Roberto Alagna- 6/7/63    

Jose Palet- 6/7/1877
Mario Filippeschi- 6/7/07  

John McCormack-6/14/1884
Helen Traubel-6/16/1898  

Eugenia Burzio-6/20/1882
Giuseppe Taddei- 6/26/16  

Riccardo Stracciari-6/27/1875
Anna Moffo-6/27/32         

Elena Nikolaidi-6/29/09
Luisa Tetrazzini 6/29/1871

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Brush up your Opera (from Shakespeare!)

                    "SHAKESPEARE IN MUSIC"

  A podcast in which we hear examples of Shakespeare's influence
  on (mostly) opera. We feature selections from

Hamlet,Falstaff, Merry Wives of Windsor, Macbeth, 
Antony & Cleopatra, I Capuletti ed I Montecchi,
The Otellos of Verdi & Rossini, The Romeo of Gounod,
The Romeo of Berlioz, West Side Story & Kiss Me Kate.


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Mira!!!!! NORMA!!!!!!!!!!


   The great Bellini opera "Norma" surely lends itself to
    performances by some of our most memorable artists.
    Here are some scenes which feature a number of them:

Maria Callas, Montserrat Caballe, Shirley Verrett,
Lauren Flanigan, Marisa Galvany, Zinka Milanov,
Gina Cigna, Rita Hunter, Beverly Sills, Renata Scotto,
Joan Sutherland, Leyla Gencer, Lili Lehmann,
Marilyn Horne, Ebe Stignani, Gino Penno,Kurt Baum,
Carlos Cossutta, Lamberto Furlan, Carlo Bergonzii, Franco Corelli,  Elena Nicolai, Roberto Francesconi,
AND Olive Middleton (well, nobody's POIFEKT!)

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          Truly wonderful singing by La Scala artists who
                 visited Russia in 1964. Included are:

Mirella Freni, Bruno Prevedi, Renata Scotto,
Birgit Nilsson, Carlo Bergonzi, 
Fiorenza Cossotto, and Gianni Raimondi

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"Hojotoho" everybody!!!!!

 Brunnhilde's Battle Cry as sung by a series of sopranos:

Kirsten Flagstad
Frida Leider
Margaret Harshaw
Erna Schleuter
Nadezna Kniplova
Johanna Gadski
Helene Wildbrunn
Gertrude Grob-Prandl
Gertrude Kappel
Pelage Greef-Andriessen

Bonus: the great La Puma Opera Company's version. (Please proceed at your own risk on this last one!)


Kirsten Flagstad sings "Hojotoho!" in The Big Broadcast of 1937.

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Famous Dutch Singers

A collection of artists of Dutch ancestry.Included are:

Jacques Urlus, Nan Merriman, Elizabeth Ohms,
Elly Ameling, Maartje Offers, Jard Van Nes,
Cora Canne Meijer, Gre Brouwenstijn (in photo),
Christina Deutekom, and Jo Vincent

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The Sopot Forest Theatre Wagner Festival, Part One

In the early part of the 20th century, many artists
recorded mostly Wagnerian material, as performed at the
Sopot (Poland) Forest Theatre Festival, known as the
"Bayreuth of the North."

Tenors:  Jacques Urlus, Richard Schubert, 
Albert Reiss, Fritz Soot               

Bassos/Baritones:  Georges Baklanoff, 
Desider Zandor, Robert Vom Scheidt,
Heinrich Knote, Adolf Schoepplin

       Sopranos: Frida Leider, Helene Wildbrunn, and 
     Meta Seinemeyer. 

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 The "Pace" Festival, part One.

 Part one of an interesting and exciting podcast in which we can
 compare various sopranos singing the great "Pace" from Verdi's
 "La Forza del Destino."
      As usual,with this kind of program, I will not list the sopranos
here, because I have designed the podcast so that you do not know
the names until each group of three has been played.

              Peace be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Photo:Renata Tebaldi as Leonora)

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IN QUESTA REGGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    An exciting comparison of various sopranos singing the
    great aria from Turandot, "In questa reggia." I am not
    going to list the sopranos here because some of you like
    to play guessing games. Each soprano will be named after
    each group of selections.

        Remember:  "Gli enigmi sono tre...Charlie รจ una!!"

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Viva La Cabaletta-part One.

    A compilation of exciting cabalettas from various
    operas as sung by some of the great artists of the past:

Shirley Verrett, Montserrat Caballe, Virginia Zeani,
Virginia Zeani, Elena Suliotis, Beverly Sills,Mado Robin
Giulietta Simionato, Marilyn Horne, Christa Ludwig,
Antonietta Stella, Joan Sutherland, Nicolai Gedda,
Luciano Pavarotti, Alfredo Kraus, Franco Corelli,
Piero Cappuccilli, Nicolai Ghiaurov,Sherrill Milnes,
Carlo Bergonzi, and Richard Tucker

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The Great Norman Treigle


   In tribute to this great artist, I present scenes from:
        Mefistofele, Boris, Coq D'or, Susannah, Faust,
                           and Markheim.


If you are interested in Brian Morgan's fine new book,
   which is entitled, "Norman Treigle, Strange Child of Chaos, " 
   it may be obtained from
www.iuniverse.com or call the store at:


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For Fans of FEDORA!!!!

Many selections from the Giordano opera,featuring:

Beniamino Gigli, Jussi Bjoerling, Daniele Barioni,
Giacinto Prandelli, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Piero Pauli
Giuseppe Di Stefano, Galliano Masini, Saturno Meletti,
Giuseppe Giacomini, Diana Soviero, Renata Tebaldi, 
Mirella Freni, Magda Olivero,  and Elena Nicolai

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Early Verdi Operas, Part One


 Exciting music from some of Verdi's early operas such as:

   Attila, Aroldo, Stiffelio, Alzira, Il Corsaro,Oberto,
   I Lombardi,Gerusalemme,Un Giorno di Regno,
   I Masnadieri, I Due Foscari,Giovanna D'Arco,
    and La Battaglia Di Legnano.

Among the artists featured are:

  Renata Tebaldi, Marisa Galvany, Leyla Gencer,
  Luisa Maragliano, Montserrat Caballe, Justino Diaz,
  Piero Cappuccili, Renato Bruson, Renato Cioni,
  Aprile Millo, Antonietta Stella, and Angeles Gulin

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Rolando Villazon LIVE!!!!


 Songs and arias as performed live by the brilliantly
    talented young tenor, Rolando Villazon, who has 
endeared himself to so many operalovers,
by nature of his brilliant voice, ans his
totally captivating personality.

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The Joys of British Opera

        A historical look at some of the great stars of British Opera:

Eva Turner, Janet Baker, Josephine Veasey, Heddle Nash,
Isobel Baillie, Kathleen Ferrier, Tano Ferendinos,
Florence Austral, Miriam Licette, Gerald Davies,
Muriel Brunskill, Gerald Davies, Peter Dawson
Alexander Young, Lisa Perli (aka Dora Labette),
Elsie Suddaby, and Redvers Llewellyn


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Verdi Soprano/Baritone Duets


Giuseppe Verdi wrote some of his most remarkable music
for baritone and soprano. This podcast features duets from
eleven of his works, and features baritones such as:

Cornell MacNeil, Piero Cappuccili, Leonard Warren,
Roberto Frontali, Gino Bechi, Sherrill Milnes,
Antonio Boyer, Ettore Bastianini, and
Gian-Giacomo Guelfi.

The sopranos include:  Montserrat Caballe, Virginia Zeani,
Zinka Milanov, Leyla Gencer, Renata Tebaldi,
Renata Scotto, Maria Callas, Shirley Verrett, &
Sondra Radnovsky

(Photo: Maria Guleghina and Renato Bruson in Nabucco)

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Zinka Milanov 100th Anniversary Tribute-Part Two


   Part Two of the 100th anniverary tribute to the
      great Zinka Milanov,born on May 17,1906


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Zinka Milanov 100th Anniversary Tribute-Part One.

   Part one of a tribute to the very great Zinka Milanov,
   born on May 17th, 1906. She meant more to me than
   any other singer I ever heard live, and I continue to
   cherish her memory.

        (Photo: Zinka and guess who? circa 1960)

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Ernani on Cetra


   Highlights from one of the most exciting recordings
   of Verdi's opea. The cast includes Caterina Mancini,
   Gino Penno, Giuseppe Taddei, and Giacomo Vaghi,
   conducted by Fernando Previtali   (1951)

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Finale of Act One of the Menotti opera, featuring Catherine Malfitano, Sandra Walker, and the late Enrico di Giuseppe.

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The Strauss Four ( 16??) Last Songs.


    A comparison of various renditions of Strauss' Four Last Songs,
   including the world premiere (1950) as sung by Kirsten Flagstad.

    Since many people like to test themselves on a podcast  
like this, I am deliberately not listing the
artists here. The artists' names will be
provided after each group of three selections.



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Simon Boccanegra For Collectors.

 Many scenes and arias from Verdi's sometimes neglected masterpiece
 featuring the following artists:

Zinka Milanov, Antonietta Stella, Leyla Gencer, Josela Ligi,
Christina Gallardo-Domas, Elizabeth Rethberg, Carlo Bergonzi,
Richard Tucker, Giovanni Martinelli, Lawrence Tibbett,
Leonard Warren, Giuseppe Valdengo, Jose Van Dam,
Cesare Siepi, Leo Nucci, Frank Guarrera, Tito Gobbi,
Nicolai Ghiaurov, Sesto Bruscantini, Franz Grundheber,
Giuseppe Taddei,Andre Turp, and Gwynne Howell

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Opera in the "wrong' language

   You now have access to ARCHIVES as noted to the right of the page,by month. Therefore you can begin to download anything from the past that you might have missed.


These are Italian operas sung in German and German operas sung in Italian:
(1-9 in German.Rest in Italian)


1. Cavalleria Duet:Astrid Varnay,James Pease

2. Figaro Finale: Erich Kunz, Hilde Gueden,
Elizabeth Grummer, Paul Schoeffler

3/4. Tosca act two scene: Hildegard Ranczak and Georg Hann and then Leonie Rysanek and Josef Metternich

5. Forza Duet:Gottlob Frick and Carla Martinis

6. Rigoletto Duet:Rita Streich and Josef Metternich

7. Turandot: Gertrude Grob-Prandl

8. Macbeth aria:  Martha Moedl

9.Aida Nile Duet:Leonie Rysanak and George London

10. Rienzi aria:Francesco Vignas

11. Brangaene's Warning: Cloe Elmo

12. Parsifal Act Two Scene  Maria Callas and Africo Baldelli

13/14. Renata Tebaldi in Tannhauser and in Lohengrin(w.Gino Penno)

15. Edward Johnson(Former Met General Manager) in Parsifal Finale.

Sorry for the problem.All will be resolved soon.

NOTE: On earlier podcasts,you will see a note at the end of the podcast that you click on so you can download it.




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Opera Stars go POP!!!!

     This is a podcast in which famous opera stars sing
 popular music. Since I have not revealed the names
 of the artists until AFTER the selections, as a kind of
 guessing game, I am not listing them here.
        Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   (Photo: The Very Great Karita Mattila) 

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 A pot-pourri of selections that have in common the letter "Z."

Included are scenes from Zaira, Zaza, and an opera by
Zandonai, plus scenes and arias as sung by:

Zeani, Zamboni, Zajick, Zednik, Zschau, Zanasi,
Zinetti, Ziliani, Zenatello, Zylis-Gara, Zakharova,
plus Zinka Milanov, Zarah Leander, and even
Zubin Mehta conducting.

I zinzerely hope you will not fall azleep while
lizening to these zelections.

                     Zounds like fun!!!!!


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The Magnificent Voice of Cesare Siepi

One of the all-time greatest bassos, Cesare Siepi,
is heard in arias and scenes from Salvator Rosa,
Nozze di Figaro, Forza del Destino, Ernani, Vespri,
Don Carlo,La Favorita, Italiana in Algeri, in a selection
of Italian songs, and in his renditions of some of the
songs of Cole Porter.


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La Fanciulla Del West, A Beautiful Opera

A series of excerpts from Puccini's superb opera.
Included in these scenes are the following artists:

Franco Corelli, Richard Tucker, Anselmo Colzani,
Giuseppe Taddei, Nino Puglisi, Mario Chingari,
Daniele Barioni, Gian-Giacomo Guelfi, Clifford Harvuot,
Renata Tebaldi,Aprile Millo, Magda Olivero,
Dorothy Kirsten,Gigliola Frazzoni, Antonietta Stella,
 and Johanna Meier.




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A Tribute to the Great Christa Ludwig

Selections from the opera and song repertory of this
very great artist;included are scenes from:

Frau Ohne Schatten,Tristan und Isolde,Walkure,
Macbeth, Lohengrin, Nozze di Figaro, and songs
by Wagner and Mahler.

Direct download: 2006-05-02-01-27-20.mp3
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                  RICHARD TUCKER

  (Photo: Mario del Monaco as Otello)

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Handelmania Presents Handel.

A selection of arias from various Handel operas:
Rinaldo, Rodelinda, Alcina, Serse, Giulio Cesare,
Judas Maccabeus, Joshua, Floriodante, Semele 
Acis and Galatea.  Artists featured are:

Bryn Terfel, Richard Tucker, Ewa Podles, Marilyn Horne,
David Daniels, Janet Baker, Samuel Ramey, Beverly Sills,
Norman Treigle, Kathleen Ferrier, Kathleen Battle,
Joan Sutherland, Fritz Wunderlich, and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson


 Well,let us see how this works, and if it does, in the words of my friend Arnie, "I'll be bach."

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:18pm EDT

"O Don Fatale."

Fifteen exciting interpretations of the great mezzo aria
"O Don Fatale." I am not announcing the names
of the artists until each group of three is played
because I want you to play a guessing game;also
you might want to use this post as a quiz at an opera party.

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:26am EDT

Highlights from Wagner's Ring Operas


Exciting Scenes from the four Wagner Ring operas,
featuring such artists as:

Birgit Nilsson, Wolfgng Windgassen, Herman Uhde,
Martha Moedl,Gertrude Grob-Prandl, George London
Gottlob Frick, Astrid Varnay, Gustav Neidlinger,
Ludwig Weber, Regina Resnik, 
Lauritz Melchior, Rita Hunter, Marjorie Lawrence,
Set Svanholm, Leonie Rysanek, Hans Hotter,
Jon Vickers, Ramon Vinay, and Hans Beirer

       Photo: Finale of Die Gotterdamerung

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

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Diana Soviero,The Last Verismo Diva

Diana Soviero, considered one of the greatest "Verismo Divas" in recent years, following in the tradition of Claudia Muzio, Mafalda Favero,
Virginia Zeani, and Magda Olivero, is heard in selections from:

Tosca,Adriana,Butterfly,Risurrezione,Fedora, Andrea Chenier,
Pearl Fishers, Mefistofele, Gloria, The Leoncavallo Boheme,
Romeo et Juliette, and La Traviata.

I had to crack up tonight because I had Diana listen to some of this podcast while we were on the phone...What was funny is that she kept saying, "Did I do that??" She is just such fun and hope to get your comments on the singing.

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

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The Russians are coming!!!!!!!!

 Exploring the art of some of the famous Russian artists
 of past and present;included are such names as:

Petrov, Koslovsky, Nelepp, Sobinov, Smirnov,
Dolukhanova, Nezhdanova, Lisitsian, Lemeshev
Sibiriakov, Guryakova, Aleksashkin, Gedda,
Borodina, and Hvorostovsky (photo

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:29am EDT

 Never Trash Adriana Lecouvreur!!

   A series of scenes from Cilea's opera,including a little
    guessing game.Artists featured are:

Magda Olivero, Diana Soviero, Leyla Gencer, 
Placido Domingo, Mafalda Favero, Beniamino Gigli,
Dolora Zajick, Renata Tebaldi, Marcello Giordani,
Aprile Millo, Giacomo Aragall,
Franco Corelli, Giuseppe Taddei, Regina Resnik,
and some
"surprise guests!!"

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:12pm EDT

Singers Who Express Great Emotion

 A collection of various artists who have expressed great
emotion in their vocalism. They include:

Mafalda Favero, Claudia Muzio, Lotte Lehmann 
Martha Moedl, Maria Callas, Bidu Sayao, 
 Licia Albanese, Magda Olivero, Tito Gobbi,
Enrico Caruso, Virginia Zeani (photo as Aida), and Richard Tauber

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:43pm EDT

"Not -to-neglect the bassos!"

Selections by some of the famous bassos of past and present:

 Nazareno de Angelis, Mark Reizen, Ivar Andresen, 
 Gottlob Frick, Ludwig Weber,  
 Tancredi Pasero, Alexander Kipnis, Adamo Didur, 
   Ezio Pinza, Herbet Alsen,Cesare Siepi, Norman Treigle, 
Rene Pape, Samuel Ramey, and an oddity as sung by
Capiton Zaporojetz

Photo:Ezio Pinza as Don Giovanni  

 Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:49am EDT

In Memory of Leonard Warren: Apr.21,1911-Mar.4, 1960

  In memory of the remarkable American baritone,Leonard Warren,
  born this day in 1911, I present a selection of arias and scenes
  from Aida, Forza, Ernani, Macbeth, Pagliacci, Andrea Chenier,
  Barbiere,Tales of Hoffmann,Tannhauser,Faust,Rigoletto,
   and Simon Boccanegra.

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:46am EDT

The Beloved Renata Tebaldi

   I just wanted to stop a moment and think of someone who was the darling of all of us in the olden days at the Met. We were teens just turning on to opera, and Renata Tebaldi made our lives so very joyous; those of us who remember her on and off stage will never forget her. Her performances were truly "events." She remained every night and signed every single program,even in freezing weather.
     She "adopted" us so to speak and as the years passed,I never failed to wish her a happy birthday,until the very last year of her life. You know, I just cannot bring myself to remove her telephone number from my address/phone directory. I think it will stay there as long as I live!
     I hope this little tribute is not too saccharine and/or pretentious, and if you feel it is,just let me know..it is just that I wanted to remember her with all my love and affection.

P.S. This 1955 photo was taken at one of our huge affairs for her. She said to me, "Dammi il braccio,mio piccinO," and I responded, "Obbedisco,signorA," and happily someone snapped the photo.

Category:general -- posted at: 1:10am EDT

A Cavalleria Rusticana Pot-pourri

 I am repeating my Cavalleria podcast,since there had been
a glitch in the original. Many exciting selections from Mascagni's
great work featuring such artists as:

Regina Resnik, Zinka Milanov,Giannina Arangi-Lombardi,
Astrid Varnay, Leonie Rysanek, Marisa Galvany,
Lina Bruna-Rasa, Aase Nordmo-Loevberg, Eileen Farrell,
Giulietta Simionato, Franco Corelli, Jussi Bjoerling,
Alain Vanzo,Richard Tucker,Hans Hopf,Placido Domingo,
Afro Poli, and Heddle Nash.


Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:42pm EDT

A Collector's Macbeth


 A marvelous pot-pourri (if a bit lengthy) of material
 from Verdi's great opera,mostly live,but a few are
 from commercial recordings.Artists include:

Shirley Verrett, Elena Suliotis, Lauren Flanigan, Leyla Gencer ,
Julia Varady, Birgit Nilsson, Christa Ludwig,
Rita Hunter, Maria Callas, Leonard Warren, Enrico Caruso,
Enzo Mascherini, Piero Cappuccilli, Giorgio Tozzi, and Nicolai Ghiaurov

PHOTO: The late Elena Suliotis as Lady Macbeth

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:45pm EDT

Squillante tenors-Volume One

An exciting compilation of arias by  
  tenors from an era in which the "squillo" (ring)   
in the voice was so common. The tenors included are:

Giovanni Zenatello, Jose Palet, Mario Gilion, Francisco Vinas,
Isidoro Fagoaga, Antonio Cortis, Piero Pauli, Antonio Paoli,
Mario Filippeschi, John O'Sullivan, Miguel Villabella, and
     Leonce Escalais (in photo) 

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:25pm EDT

Celeste Aida and the Passaggio

An analysis of the aria "Celeste Aida" as sung by various tenors,
including :
Tucker, Di Stefano, Martinelli, Baum,Caruso, 
Del Monaco,and Bjoerling

The comparison is designed to understand
   the concept of "covering" the tone 
and the term "passaggio" 

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:15am EDT

A Mozart Celebration-Part One.

An exciting selection of scenes and arias from many Mozart operas
featuring many great artists:

Eleanor Steber, Ljuba Welitsch, June Bronhill, 
  Herman Jadlowker, John McCormack, Beverly Sills,  
Leontyne Price, Mado Robin, Maria Galvany, 
Susan Graham, and Janet Baker     

Download this episode from the April Podcast Archive.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:44pm EDT

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