Handelmania : Una Furtiva has been REPAIRED!!!!!!

  THEY FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Let me know if the "Una Furtiva" quiz sounds all right. I published it in a different speed,and want to make sure it is still fine as to sound.

                       I missed you...but those things occur!!!!!!!!

                                       My best  Charlie

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 "D'Amor sull'ali rosee" Comparison


   A comparison of 12 sopranos singing the great aria,

    "D'amor sull'ali rosee" from Il Trovatore

               (75 minutes)

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25 More Di Quella Piras

Another  comparison of the aria "Di quella pira," as a quiz for you to guess at least some of them. The photo is of the great Kurt Baum as Enzo. Dig those legs!

(58 minutes)

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Die Frau Ohne Schatten, a great opera!

Scenes from the magnificent Richard Strauss opera,featuring
Leonie Rysanek, Birgit Nilsson,  Ingrid Bjoener, Sabine Hass,
James King, Irene Dalis, Regina Resnik, Christa Ludwig,
Placido Domingo, Inge Borkh, Hildegard Hillebrecht,
Franz Grundheber, Walter Berry, Hanna Schwarz,
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, and Eleanor Steber

   (68 minutes)

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"Come Scoglio"


  A Comparison of 11 sopranos singing "COME SCOGLIO"
from Mozart's "Cosi Fan Tutte."

I am not listing the names below,since some listeners wish to try to guess them from the podcast.

 (68 minutes)


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A Birthday tribute to Jose Van Dam (8/25/40)

 An affectionate birthday tribute to Jose Van Dam,
 one of the world's most versatile and truly superb
 artists. Selections include music by:

Verdi, Wagner, Mozart, Mahler, Schumann,
             Bizet, Ibert, R.Strauss

(74 minutes)

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Janet Baker Birthday Tribute


 Janet Baker,one of the world's greatest artists, was
 born on August 21, 1933. I present a tribute to her
 featuring songs and arias by Handel, Mozart, Pergolesi,
 Schubert, Donizetti, Wagner, and Elgar.

(43 minutes)



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Famous German and Viennese Singers

A Collection of famous German (and Viennese) artists:

Julius Patzak, Leo Slezak, Franz Voelker,Margarete Klose,
Maria Olszewska, Karen Branzell, Wilhelm Rode,
Emil Scipper, Hans Hotter, Heinrich Schlusnus,
Michael Bohnen, Georg Hann, Hilde Gueden,
Frida Leider, Erna Berger, Tiana Lemnitz,
Maria Cebotari.

(78 minutes)

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"Amor ti Vieta" with 15 tenors.

A comparison, in the form of a quiz, of 15 tenors singing
the aria "Amor ti vieta" from Umberto Giordano's "Fedora."

You might enjoy using this podcast for an opera party in
order to test your fellow opera buddies!

       (44 minutes)

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Six Tenors' Birthdays

A Birthday Tribute to Six Famous Tenors    

Leon Escalais     8/8/1859
Cesare Vezzani   8/8/1886
Ferruccio Tagliavini   8/14/13
Leo Slezak           8/18/1873
Helge Roswaenge  8/29/1897
Ramon Vinay        8/31/1911

(57 Minutes)

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