Dominic Cossa, a superb baritone

The podcast features songs and arias as sung by Dominic Cossa, one of the finest baritones the opera world has known. His career spanned over 30 years and he appeared in many opera theatres, including the Met,San Francisco Opera, City Opera,etc. The selections are:

Bella siccome un angelo (Don Pasquale)
Cruda funesta smania and cabaletta  (Lucia)
Albert's aria from Werther
Avant de quitter  (Faust)
Scintille,diamant (Contes d'Hoffmann)
O Holy Night  (Adam)
Mamma, mamma  (Most Happy Fella)
Pierrot's Lied  (Tote Stadt)   
                         (36 min.)


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La Traviata Finale of Act Three

An exciting compilation of various interpretations of the finale of the Traviata Gambling Scene (Act 3 or Act 2 scene 2 in various productions.) The casts are as follows:

Renata Scotto, Carlo Bergonzi,Mario Zanasi  (1970)
Renata Tebaldi, Giacinto Prandelli, Gino Orlandini  (1952)
Maria Callas, Alfredo Kraus, Mario Sereni  (1958)
Licia Albanese, Richard Tucker, Leonard Warren  (1954) 
Joan Sutherland, Giacomo Aragall, Sherill Milnes  (1970)
Diana Soviero, Carlo Bergonzi, Garbis Boyagian  (1983)
Virginia Zeani, Aldo Bottion, Franco Bordini  (1967)
                                    (75 min.)

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Alexander Kipnis and Ezio Pinza in Boris Godunov

Two great Borises: Ezio Pinza (In Italian) (1939), and Alexander Kipnis (In Russian), (1943). The Pinza scenes also feature Alessio de Paolis,Kerstin Thorborg, and Leonard Warren.   (67 min.)

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Lohengrin From Bayreuth 1954

   In keeping with my promise to select certain live opera performances and present highlights, I chose a marvelous Bayreuth 1954 Lohengrin. It is conducted by Eugen Jochum and features the following cast:

Lohengrin   Wolfgang Windgassen
Elsa            Birgit Nilsson (age 36)
Ortrud         Astrid Varnay
Telramund   Herman Uhde
King Henry   Theo Adam

               I trust you will enjoy this podcast, and I will always select certain works to highlight for you. (72 min.)

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 Diana Soviero as Tosca

    Those of you who have tuned in to my podcasts already know what love and admiration I have for Diana Soviero, whom I consider one of the greatest exponents of the "Verismo" style of singing, a style that reminds us of the era of Claudia Muzio, Mafalda Favero, Virginia Zeani.
      I am presenting highlights from the very first Tosca of Mme.Soviero, Montreal 1991, featuring Tony De Paolo as Cavaradossi and Harry Dworchak as Scarpia, conducted by Joseph Rescigno.
       I  believe you will concur that Mme.Soviero has been one of our greatest artists, and presently is hailed as one of our finest teachers and coaches. I consider myself most fortunate to have followed Mme.Soviero's career for the past 30 years, and hope you enjoy this superb performance.  
( 70 min.)


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Bel Canto Supreme:Semiramide 1980

Highlights from an extraordinary performance of Rossini's "Semiramide." Featured are two of the greatest exponents of Bel Canto singing, Marilyn Horne and Montserrat Caballe. Featured also are Samuel Ramey and Francisco Araiza, conducted by Jesus Lopez-Cobos (Aix-en-Provence, 1980)                                      (72 min.)

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Happy 96th birthday to Rise Stevens, a great Octavian.

   The first real live opera star I met, at age 16, was dear Rise Stevens, who celebrated her 96th birthday on June 11. We had so many lovely afternoons at her home since we had a club for her, and she was always a dear gracious person. 
     One of her greatest roles was Octavian in Strauss' Der Rosenkavalier, and we present highlights from a superb 1949 performance that also features Erna Berger, Eleanor Steber, and Emmanuel List. I know this special tribute to this great artist will be appreciated by all.
                                              (70 min.)

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Magda Olivero Sings at 99!!!!

Can you imagine that at 99 Magda Olivero can still sing??

 This is a brief scene from Francesca da Rimini.

    I am so touched.....  Cent'anni,Magda!!!!

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Golden Age Artists Sing Donizetti

  Here is a compilation of arias and duets from Donizetti operas as sung by many great artists of the early 20th century. The selections are:

 Maria di Rudenz:
             Mattia Battistini   "Ah! Non avea piu lagrime."

Linda di Chamounix:
              Rosina Storchio     "Oh luce di quest'anima"

Lucrezia Borgia:

               Carlo Albani       "Di pescatore ignobile"
Don Sebastiano:
                Alfred Piccaver    "Deserto in terra."

La Favorita:
                Aureliano Pertile  "Una vergine"
                 Giacomo Lauri-Volpi   "Spirto gentil"
                 Riccardo Stracciari   "Vien,Leonora"
                 Sigrid Onegin      "O mio Fernando"
                  Ezio Pinza         "Splendon piu bel in ciel."
                  Marcel Journet   " Balthazar Aria"(In French)
 L'Elisir d'amore:
                   Fernando de Lucia and Ernesto Badini  Duet,act one.
                    Tito Schipa "Una furtiva lagrima"
Don Pasquale:
                     Giuseppe Anselmi     "Sogno soave e casto"
                     Olympia Boronat      "So anch'io la virtu magica"
                      Lucrezia Bori and Giuseppe de Luca     Duet
Lucia di Lammermoor:
                      Luisa Tetrazzini   Act One arias
                                         (74 min.)



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The Art (??) of mezzo Sylvia Sawyer

   One of the most hilarious singers ever to record (some nerve!!). Sylvia Sawyer recorded mezzo roles in Ballo, Aida, and Trovatore on Capitol records in the 1950's. The rest of the cast of the Aida and Trovatore was respectable, and included Stella Roman, Gino Sarri, and Antonio Mancaserra.
   However, Mme.Sawyer sounds like a little kid (even with chest tones), and her Italian diction has caused many opera lovers to become hysterical over the years. I hope you will not mind a little more levity in this sea of great music.             (71 min.)

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