Those "mean" mezzos!

A compilation of arias and scenes as sung by famous mezzos
in roles that might be considered "mean." The "meanness"
does vary somewhat from totally horrid (Klytaemnestra) to
more "severity" (Augusta Tabor). Here they are:

Regina Resnik, Hanna Schwarz, Margarete Klose, Ebe Stignani,
Elena Obratsova, Rise Stevens, Fiorenza Cossotto, Frances Bible,
Astrid Varnay.             


(61 mintues)


If you see a sick comment from a sick person named Adolf, do not worry.I delete these comments immediately. I must be doing something right!

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Favorite Commercial Recordings (2)

The second volume of some of my favorite commercial

Eileen Farrell (pictured), Jussi Bjoerling, Robert Merrill,
Lotte Lehmann, Claudia Muzio, Gottlob Frick, Ruby Helder,
Riccardo Stracciari, Christa Ludwig, Walter Berry,
Clara Butt, Enrico Caruso, Janet Baker, Herman Prey

                               (72 minutes)

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Favorite Commercial Opera recordings (1)

A Collection of  commercial recordings that are among my
personal favorites. Artists included are:

Sumi Jo (pictured), Zinka Milanov, John McCormack,
Beniamino Gigli, Claudia Novikova, Enrico Caruso,
Janet Baker, Dorothy Kirsten, Robert Merrill, Virginia Zeani,
Luisa Tetrazzini, Giusepe Anselmi, Ebe Stignani,
Cesare Siepi, Eleanor Steber, Pavel Lisitsian,
Mafalda Favero, Vassilka Petrova (I think)

                                     (84 minutes)


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A Compilation of 16 Violettas all singing the scene that ends
the Gambling Scene of "La Traviata." Included are:

Callas,Tebaldi, Fleming, Stoyanova, Schymberg, Cotrubas,
Radvanovsky,De Los Angeles, Soviero, Galvany, Scotto,
Carteri, Zeani, Sayao, Guerrini, Albanese

                                 (77 minutes)


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Ponto 50!

The excellent Ponto company has released their 4 CD set of many
interesting excerpts. (Number 50 in their catalogue.).These are live
scenes featuring many fine artists as follows:

Trovatore:  Renata Scotto,Louis Quilico
The Medium:  Regine Crespin
Semele: Beverly Sills
Jenufa: Gre Brouwenstijn and Frans Vroons
Salome: Lili Djanel and Tito Gobbi
Otello: Joan Sutherland and Angelo Marenzi
Manon Lescaut:  Leontyne Price
Eugen Onegin:    Margaret Price
Forza:       Julia Varady
Don Giovanni: Frank Sinatra and Kathryn Grayson (Don't ask!
  (74 minutes)


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"Che gelida manina"  Volume Two

A compilation of 15 tenors singing the famous Boheme aria.
 Included are the following artists:

Giuseppe Anselmi,Georges Thill, Josef Schmidt, Giovanni Malipiero,
Galliano Masini, Jan Kiepura, Richard Tauber, Helge Roswaenge,
Mario Del Monaco, Mario Lanza, Franco Corelli, Alfredo Kraus,
Marcello Giordani, Richard Tucker, and Nicolai Gedda.

                                    (72 minutes)



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Italian Songs

A selection of Italian songs as sung by five wonderful
tenors: Gigli,Corelli,Tucker, Bergonzi,Caruso.

  I found the error,but rather than redo the narration, here are the selections,not in the correct order, as I could not recover the order,but you can get more information at least:

Gigli:Marechiare, Core'n grato,Sorrento

Corelli:  Addio a Napoli, O paese da sole,I'te vurria vasa

Tucker:  Fenesta che lucive,L'alba separa,Senza nisciuno

Bergonzi: I te vurria vasa,Sorrento, Dicitincello vuie

Caruso:  Pecche, O sole mio, Vieni sul mar, Tu che non chiagne,
Santa Lucia, L'alba separa

 (65 minutes)


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  For some unknown reason, my narration portion of this
 podcast could not be published, leaving you without the
 answers to the "Esultate Quiz" I had prepared. I suggest
 you might want to play the selections (listed below) for
 a friend, and let him/her guess who is who. I do not know
 why this glitch occured.

          (Maybe you can NOT LOOK BELOW!)

Tamagno, Vickers, McCracken, Ralf, Giacomini,Corelli
Di Stefano (his first and last Otello), Martinelli in 1938,
Martinelli's last Otello in 1948. three by Mario DelMonaco:
Buenos Aires 1950 (his first ever), then 1958 and 1971.
Atlantov, Domingo, Frank Porretta III, Vinay, and finally
John Frederick West.

                                 (35 minutes)

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Ewa Podles

 The remarkable mezzo Ewa Podles in a program of arias and
 songs. Included are five Rachmaninoff songs and arias from
 Rossini's Cenerentola, Tancredi, Maometto II, La Donna del
 Lago, Handel's Orlando and Rinaldo, Tchaikowsly's Maid of
 Orleans, and Gluck's Orfeo et Euridice.

                                   (83 minutes)

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An exciting compilation of 12 sopranos singing the Odabella
aria and cabaletta from my personal favorite early Verdi opera,
"Attila."  Included are the following sopranos:

Marisa Galvany, Gilda Cruz-Romo, Julia Varady,
Mara Zampieri, Maria Krikorian, Caterina Mancini,
Tiziana Fabbricini, Rita Orlandi, Linda Strummer,
Antonietta Stella, Marilyn Zschau, and (in photo)
Dimitra Theodossiou.

                                         (83 minutes)


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