Air de la Fleur

A Comparison of 16 pretty good tenors singing the Flower Song
from Bizet's Carmen. Included are:

Georges Thill, Charles Dalmores, Fernand Ansseau,Raoul Jobin,
Richard Tucker, Nicolai Gedda, Mario Chamlee, Beniamino Gigli,
Jon Vickers, Placido Domingo, Rolando Villazon,Enrico Caruso,
Franco Corelli, Giuseppe di Stefano, Jussi Bjoerling, and
Mario del Monaco (pictured).

                                  (70 minutes)


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No...Pagliaccio non son!!!!

  An exciting comparison of 10 different tenors in the last scene
  of "I Pagliacci."  Included are:

Richard Tucker, Giovanni Martinelli, Franco Corelli,
Jose Carreras, Helge Roswaenge, Mario del Monaco,
Raoul Jobin, Galliano Masini, Jussi Bjoerling, and
Carlo Bergonzi.

                             (66 minutes)

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Hans Hotter Tribute

Opera Scenes and Lieder as sung by  the late Hans Hotter, 
 one of the most famous artists of all time.The opera excerpts are from:

 Elektra, Salome,Siegfried, Parsifal, The Flying Dutchman,  
 Pagliacci, and Don Carlo.
       The songs are by Schubert, Brahms, and Pfitzner

    (67 minutes)



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Wagner Singers-Part One

 From a superb 4 CD set on the Preiser Label,  20 famous Wagnerian singers:

Lotte Lehmann, Gertrude Bindernagel, Nanny Larsen-Todsen,
Maria Muller, Maria Reining, Lilly Hafgren, Karin Branzell,
Maria Olszewska,Margarete Arndt-Ober, Hans Hermann Nissen,
Alexander Kipnis, Joel Berglund, Michael Bohnen, Emil Schipper,
Heinrich Schlusnus, Set Savanholm, Gotthelf Pistor, Curt Taucher,
Erik Enderlein, Franz Voelker.

                               (83 minutes)

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A "Salut demeure' Compilation

I think you will enjoy these 17 tenors singing the famous aria
from Gounod's "Faust" and will be able to understand how
various tenors approach the top note, because that alone is quite interesting;of course, you might be hearing some of these artists
for the very first time, and I think you will be pleased.

Richard Tucker, Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli,
Neil Shicoff, Georges Thill,Giuseppe Di Stefano
Rolando Villazon, Nicolai Gedda, Jussi Bjoerling,
David Devries,Miguel Villabella, Lucien Muratore,
Cesar Vezzani, Alfredo Kraus, Gaston Michelettti,
Albert Lance, and Charles Rousseliere

                              (93 minutes)

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This podcast features three of the finest mezzos in opera history:

    Kathleen Ferrier       Janet Baker         Stephanie Blythe

                                 (88 minutes)

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Cenerentola Finale Pot-Pourri

I had a problem with the narration for this podcast, so you will
have to live without the benefit of my voice for this one. I was
so thrilled at Joyce Di Donatos' fabulous rendition of the final
aria of Cenerentola at her recent recital, that I decided to do
a comparison of several other mezzos in this same scene. They
are as follows in order:

Ceclia Bartoli, Olga Borodina, Ewa Podles, Maria Callas,
Veselina Kasarova, Agnes Baltsa, Marilyn Horne, Conchita
Supervia, and Joyce di Donato. 

     I sincerely hope you enjoy the podcast!

                                   (68 minutes)

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Verismo Vol.2

Scenes from operas in the "Verismo Style" sung by some of
the great Italian interpreters,including:

Tito Schipa, Aureliano Pertile, Bernardo de Muro,
Beniamino Gigli, Alessandro Valente, Giuseppe Taccani,
Ferrucio Tagliavini, Riccardo Stracciari, Titta Ruffo,
Mafalda Favero, Maria Farneti, Licia Albanese,
Pia Tassinari, Gianna Pederzini, Cloe Elmo

 (73 minutes)

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The Siegfried Wanderer

An exciting and emotional scene from Act Three of "Siegfried"
as interpreted by 11 different baritones: (Conductor listed also)

Friedrich Schorr (Heger)            Mikhail Kit (Gergiev)
Albert Dohmen  (Thielemann)    Allan Titus   (Fischer)
George London (Leinsdorf)        Robert Hale  (Sawallisch)
Hans Hotter    (Keilberth)           Ferdinand Frantz (Furtwaengler)
James Morris  (Levine)               Donald McIntyre  (Boulez)
                       Sigurd Bjoerling (Von Karajan)

                                   (56 minutes)


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The Miraculous Magda Olivero

An affectionate tribute to the very great Magda Olivero,who
will celebrate her 97th birthday on March 25. The selections
included in this podcast range from 1940 to 1993!!

Traviata, Tosca, Risurrezione, Adriana Lecouvreur,Fedora
Fanciulla, Gianni Schicchi, Lodoletta, Jenufa, Mme.Butterfly,
La Rondine, Manon, Mefistofele,plus "O del mio amato ben."

                                    (81 minutes)

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