Eleven versions of the beautiful "Marietta Lied" from Korngold's
"Die Tote Stadt."  Included are:

Beverly Sills, Maria Jeritza, Stephanie Sundine, Emily Magee,
Marilyn Zschau, Ilona Steingruber, Ellen Faull.Stella Roman,
Angela Denoke, Carol Neblett, and Eileen Farrell.

                                 (63 minutes)


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The Wonderful Rita Gorr

A tribute to the great mezzo Rita Gorr. Selections from:

Orfeo(in photo), Aida, Troyens, Walkure, Tristan und Isolde,
Samson et Delilah, Mahler's Kindertotenlieder.

                                  (77 minutes)

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Great Duets-Volume Two

This is the second podcast devoted to great duets.You will hear 12 duets as sung by some of the most famous artists.There are
both live and commercial recordings in this podcast. Included are:

Beverly Sills/Placido Domingo, Frieda Hempel/Herman Jadlowker,
Jussi Bjoerling/Robert Merrill/, Benita Valente/Tatiana Troyanos,
Giovanni Martinelli/Lawrence Tibbett, Thomas Stewart/Evelyn Lear,
Joyce Di Donato/Patricia Ciofi, Thomas Hampson/Jerry Hadley,
Leontyne Price/Mario Sereni, Renata Scotto/Jose Carreras,
Camilla Williams/Lawrence Winters, Ivan Koslovsky/Pavel Lisitsian

                                       (74 minutes)

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Singers in the roles they created

A selection of arias as sung by the very artists who created
their roles. Featured are:

Mary Garden (pictured), Rosina Storchio, Cesira Ferrani,
Gemma Bellincioni, Richard Temple,
Enrico Caruso, Giuseppe Anselmi, Medea Mei-Figner,
Giuseppe de Luca, Angelica Pandolfini, Eduardo Garbin,
Victor Maurel, Francesco Tamagno, Fernando de Lucia,
Celestina Boninsegna, and Mario Sammarco

        ( 60 minutes)

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In Loving Memory of Luciano Pavarotti

   A tribute to the memory of the late Luciano Pavarotti
   who passed away on Sept.5, 2007. Live selections are from:

Traviata,Lombardi,Fedora,Lucia,Rigoletto, Elisir d'Amore,
Fille du Reggiment, Manon, La Favorita, Luisa Miller, and
The Verdi Requiem.Also included is the Tosti "Ideale."

Rest in Peace, Luciano,  one who brought so much to so many!

                                      (71 minutes)

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Happy Birthday to Daniele Barioni

  My birthday tribute to a wonderful tenor, Daniele Barioni,
   born on September 6, 1930. The podcasts includes arias from:

Fedora, L'Arlesiana, Turandot, La Rondine, Macbeth,
Mme.Butterfly, Boheme (Leoncavallo).

                               (31 minutes)

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Another "Golden  Age"(no.3)

Great singers, mostly from the 40's and 50's,many of whom 
were as "Golden" as those of past generations. Included are:

Pavel Lisitsian (in photo), Joel Berglund, Paul Schoeffler,
Gino Bechi, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Ferruccio Tagliavini,
Raoul Jobin, Cloe Elmo, Ebe Stignani, Blanche Thebom,
Erna Berger, Rosetta Pampanini, Dorothy Kirsten,
Joan Hammond, Sena Jurinac, Sarah Scuderi, Dorothy Maynor,
 and the late Rose Bampton.

         (77 min.)

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Golden Age Stars,volume 2

Here is the second volume of what I term "Golden Age Stars."
There is surely enough wonderful material for literally hundreds
of programs, since the number of recordings is incredible. I present:

Eva Turner (pictured), Hina Spani, Marcella Sembrich, Maria Gay,
Elvira de Hidalgo, Maria Ivogun, Olympia Boronat, Lotte Schoene,
Elizabeth Rethberg, Kathleen Ferrier, Lucrezia Bori, Clara Butt,
Francisco Vinas, Francesco Tamagno, Sergei Lemeshev,
Dmitri Smirnov, Ezio Pinza, Alesander Kipnis, Riccardo Stracciari,
 and Enrico Caruso.               ENJOY!!!!!

                                      (84  minutes)

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The Finale of Act One of Die Walkure

A comparison of various performances of the finale of Act One
 of Wagner's "Die Walkure." The pairs of lovers are:

Lauritz Melchior and the late Rose Bampton
Ramon Vinay and Regina Resnik
Max Lorenz and Martha Moedl
Rene Maison and Marjorie Lawrence
Placido Domingo and Deborah Polaski
Paul Althouse and the Met debut of Kirsten Flagstad
Set Svanholm and Birgit Nilsson
Rene Verdiere and Germaine Lubin
Lauritz Melchior and Lotte Lehmann
Max Lorenz and Margarete Teschemacher
John Vickers and Leonie Rysanek

                                    (82 minutes)

NOTE:Libsyn was down for 2 days but is working now.




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My Videos are Back!!!!!!
I had a problem with my 80 Videos on HANDELMANIA (Google) but they are
up there now...... so go to:

and all is well...ENJOY!!! Charlie

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