Delia Rigal

Traviata, Tosca, Tu che non Chiagne,Passione

Great top, passionate, but sometimes her Verdi sounded like Berg.

A fun lady..Rest in Peace

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Guess 2

 HINT One of them made us hysterical.

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Carlo Bergonzi- Sempre nel mio cuor

Italian Songs  Acc.John Wustman.  Bellini,Verdi,Denza,Donizetti,Donaudy, Tirindelli, Rossini, Mascagni, Tosti,Buzzi-Peccia, De Curtis.

Plus aria from Edgar....and DI QUELLA PIRA....Your flame will never die!!!!

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For Carlo from Carlo

Please understand the emotion I bring to this rather unusual podcast.My heart is broken,and I never realized how much we adored him...until his passing. Rest his soul!!

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Tchaikowsky Competition Winners of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Marsh, Simon Estes, Elena Obratsova, Evgenyi Nesterenko, Peter Dvorsky, Dolora Zajick,Nina Rautio

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Elena Nicolai

 I  found some flaws in my earlier podcast so here it is again.BOY!They said she was LOUD!

Aida W.Uzunov    Trovatore w. Nikolov

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Elena Nikolaidi

Semiramide, Macbeth (FAST!!)Don Carlo,Carmen,Trovatore,Ballo,Euryanthe,Elektra (w.Varnay)

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Walkure act One

Stuttgart 1938  (Leonardt) Reining, Manowarda, F.Kraus   2 tracks flawed  plus Manowarda aria

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Pag 1941

GREAT!  Martinelli,Greco,Tibbett,Valentino,De Paolis   (Calusio)     No Overture

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Here's No.18  (I dare you guess!!!

1.Rosenk.Trio  Stevens,Gueden,Della Casa   (At my first in 1956 I needed a towel)

2. Finale Act 2 St.of Bleeker St.  RIVETING!!

3. Attila Aria    Gilda Cruz-Romo

4."Marcella"    Titi Schipa

5. Tannh.Rome Narr. Peter Seiffert

6. Vissi D'arte  Meta Seinemeyer  (died at 33

7. Boccanegra Sc. Nucci/Siepi  (How to sing Verdi!!)

8.Adriana Aria   Simionato  (would not sing on same planet as Barbieri)

9.Leo Slezak    Queen of Sheba( with pppppppppp)

10.Signore Ascolta    Diana Soviero

11.Steber     Mignon aria

12.Adieu Forets (Jean D'Arc) Rise Stevens

13. If you can't guess it is Tebaldi in Louise, I will be FURIOUS!!

14.Panis Angelicus    Jacques Urlus

15.Alain Vanzo    Pearl Fishers aria

16. MY fav.basso of the olden days  Ludwig Weber as Gurnemanz

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