Last note of Butterfly addio (A) friend hit me in the ribs from fright....Old standee line was right across from pit and I was in front.

NO ONE could imagine the sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When my ma met her, I could not speak Italian and she had not much I spoke Spanish..That is why she called me "Carlos" and every time we met, she asked for my madreā€¦..

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  I have no words anymore for what she wasto us!!!!

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Last time I saw her.


Tre assi e un paio SCARED the life out of us!!!!!!!!!!!


OK..The top got what...she was the most wonderful diva in the world.....and we became close.....

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Listen to the last note.It broke the chandeliers at the Met!!!!!    No one had the  Wagnerian volume and beauty of tone.

I called her every birthday  2/1/22    and "call her" forever.

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Where was I on 1/31/55??Standing for the debut of Renata Tebaldi, whose birthday (we did not know) was 2/1/55. I will never forget my darling friend and the greatest soprano one could imagine...

I cannot write more..I am crying on the keyboard......

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